Star Ocean: Executioner Assault : Back in Action

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Published by Freyr 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


A few of you may have noticed I’ve (Adam_Atlantian) been active in the forums lately. Due to a very nice real life stroke of luck I have some free time again and I've been hard at work on reestablishing the Star Ocean Project. My original Star Trek folder got a little jumbled due to some technical errors, but the models and things weren't damaged, So I've been salvaging everything out of the Federation and Borg races and reinstalling them into a fresh Armada Install.

It has been long, but overall I've reduced the size by a lot, so it'll make for a much smaller download than the original I think.

Everything has new build buttons and Wireframes, so expect a little bit of a different look in some areas of the control panel while playing. I'm working on a new GUI for the Pangalactic Federation and Veendeni races, so they will be completely original and have no affiliation to any of the other race's GUI.

As of right now I have a fully completed Federation and fully completed Borg; All I have left to do is finish up the Veendeni and P. Federation. This means two very different things though; once I complete the Veendeni (which will be completed first) I will release the full race Mod for Armada 2. The same is true for the P. Federation. The Armada 1 version, however will kept under wraps until I have completed the new intro movie and a number of other small touches.

Please Notice that I have revamped the Website for the Mod. It can be found here:

As of right now, I'm still working on the Borg Catalog, but the Federation's is finished. I did relaunch the site a few days ago, but I only just now got a chance to tell anyone.

I take a bit of pride in my Special Weapons, and as such I thought I should mention what I've been working on. I'm still trying to get fighters that fire weapons; I think I might be getting closer too. Most of you have seen the Hell Fire Cannon, not really a big innovation there, but it has a nice flaming ball of death effect. I'm getting an interesting Nebula Cannon worked out. I'm trying to balance the power of the weapon with a super weak ship, cause if you manage to get inside an enemies base and fire this weapon, it hits everything, and I mean everything, with red nebulae.

Balance is a key point I'm trying to emphasis this go round. Each race has a rather powerful range of weaponry that needs to be balanced in a way that you can't just zip into an area and wipe out the enemy. And these super weapons are a must, because I'm keeping the Executioners in the game. While a few fleets of high-end ships can take on one or two of the 4D beings, when you start encountering five or six of them at a time, you will have to have some sort of piercing attack.

That's all the news on the Star Ocean mod at this point. You can expect some big releases here soon. I'm very close to completing the Veendni. Heck, I was close before I vanished.

On A Side note, Star Ocean: The Last Hope (the next installment of the RPG series) has been announced and a trailer has been released onto the Internet with some brilliant shots of new ships and a station. The game isn't scheduled for any kind of release until 2009, but you can be assured that when it does, you all will be seeing those designs hit Armada and Armada 2 quickly.

And a big thanks to anyone who is still interested in this Mod.

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