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The A2 Fighter Project

By theStarfleetKid 14 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Recently, I've become obsessed with making fighters work (sort of) in Star Trek:Armada II. I am unsure as to why. I just know that one rainy Saturday morning, I woke up and sat down at my laptop and all the concepts just fell out onto the keyboard. This is to announce the imminent release of the first installment of what I've just decided to call...The A2 Fighter Project. I'll need to run this by the Kid first, because I find the original readmes to be somewhat ambiguous concerning required permisssions. The second I get the "Go" signal from him, Part 1 will be sent in. The first part of this mod gives the Romulan Star Empire two fighters which are built by the Romulan starbase. The Interceptor is intended as a defensive weapon and the Scorpion as a fighter bomber. They work well as an adjunct to the fleet. Coupled with a small fast ship such as the P Veer class or the Shrike class Scorpions can cause serious damage if ignored or discounted. Why release Romulans first? Because the Rommies deserve to be first at something other than being a target. Because Dan1025 caught the fighter bug from me and has pretty much run wild designing really good Cardassian fighters lately. I have his permission to use these next, although all they will really need is some slight adjustments in weapons and speeds. //************************** MISSION STATEMENT The A2 Fighter Project is intended to give Star Trek: Armada II fighter combat capabilities within the limits imposed by the game. //************************** FIGHTERS AND A2PP X All fighters which will be a part of the A2 Fighter Project will be designed to work with A2PP X installed since that is how they will be worked up. I will include the appropriate physics files inside each release for people who do not have/use A2PP X. //************************** AI CAPABILITIES Currently, the AI cannot not build fighters because I cannot get it to build anything else but fighters since they are so inexpensive compared to the stock ships. I am working on this but results so far are less than I had hoped for. //************************** PATCH PROJECT 1.2.5 The A2 Fighter Project currently does not have any known compatibility issues with the mod Star Trek:Armada II Patch Project 1.2.5. //************************** SCREENSHOTS Here are the screenshots I have so far. These are from my personal install and ingame.

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