The A2 Physics Project - Version X

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Published by TParis 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


I have decided to completely redo the A2 Physics Project from scratch.

The A2 Physics Project - Version X is currently in testing.

Some of you have seen the video. Some of you have seen the pictures I posted in the Forums. Some of you have gotten sneak peeks at some of the new movement and weapons I am including in this, ahem, "simple little ODF Mod". A list of all the changes would be long and not really needed here. Better movement for all ships. Better ranges and rates of fire weapons. Corrections of the numerous errors and mistakes within the previous versions of this mod. But there is more.

Fighters and fighter combat in A2.

I have finished testing physics files for a fighter and a fighter bomber and they work excellently. I have also finished testing a proper bomb for the fighter bomber. It too works very well. I am hopeful it will be released soon. But it will not be released until all of it works flawlessly.

"Well, that about covers the fly by." Here's some pictures and a video showing you what you can look forward to.

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