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Published by theStarfleetKid 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


First of all, my apologies to those who've encountered errors in my Vulcan mod, there are a few bugs and missing pieces which made things difficult for those who've downloaded it. This is the largest modding project I've ever released, so a few problems were bound to crop up.

Remember if you don't report these bugs I can't fix them, so I ask all of you who've downloaded the mod, please report any errors you find in this forum thread:

Thanks to the very informative efforts of ameba, the following fixes have been implemented so far:

- Readme will now include an instruction step detailing how to avoid the race number/instantActionSlot problem. - Freighters will now mine latinum. - Shipyard and Advanced Shipyard now have different build costs. - A cargo ship and trading station will be included. - Research station(s) will no longer have the spider box in is centre. - Pulse phaser texture now included. - Hardpoint error causing ships to be built outside yards now fixed. - Special weapons now assigned to ships.

So far most of the errors seem to be my fault for not adding the completed/updates files to the mod folder, so the version I use in my game works while the one I released doesn't. I sincerely apologise for this rather stupid oversight on my part, and assure you that it will not happen again.

At this point I think I'll declare the first version a beta release and once a little more time has passed for more people to report any problems, I'll release what will hopefully be a fully working and complete version, which I will test thoroughly on a stock install before releasing. :)

Thanks in advance to all error posters.


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