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Published by theStarfleetKid 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Have you beaten Freyr's extra spicy AI from the Improved Single Player Campaign?

I donut know, I haven't tried 72.6% (130)
Yeah, but it hurt. 16.2% (29)
Reistance was futile. The collective has assimilated us. (and I'm STILL stuck on the first mission 11.1% (20)
Total: 179
Start: 06-15-2008 14:47
Last: 06-22-2008 14:51

 #1 - Posted by: Freyr (Staff) on 06-15-2008 at 14:50

I have completed the entire fed campaign. But it hurt. It REALLY hurt.

 #2 - Posted by: exodus_499 (Member) on 06-16-2008 at 01:45

C'mon people - excepting the man himself, THE ANSWER IS NO!

 #3 - Posted by: Firewarrior1705 (Member) on 06-16-2008 at 05:20

Not until I've finished my personal a2 mod. I hate stock a2 :r

 #4 - Posted by: Freyr (Staff) on 06-16-2008 at 11:40

You can't legitimately claim to have beaten it after modding in a bunch of god ships, its about strategy.

 #5 - Posted by: dermo (Member) on 06-16-2008 at 15:04

I haven't tried this AI mod . Could anyone give me the link to this?

 #6 - Posted by: Freyr (Staff) on 06-16-2008 at 16:01


 #7 - @ # 3 Hate A2? Surely Not! :) - Posted by: thunderfoot006 (Staff) on 06-16-2008 at 18:07

So does the ImpSPCam Team. That is why we call this the Improved Single Player Campaign. Not much stock left in the Single Player Fed missions except the backgrounds. The new AIPs and buildlists are much more challenging and extensively tested to ensure maximum destruction of the player's ships, stations, morale, and preconceived notions about the "stock" game. Surely, this serves the Greater Good! :D I understand your reluctance to test yourself against them.

 #8 - Posted by: Firewarrior1705 (Member) on 06-16-2008 at 22:42

When I said I "hate" stock a2 I was refering to the ships and stations' odfs, I hate to see my ships getting blown up after 1 or 2 shots. My personal a2 mod is about odf balance and not "god" ships ;) I never liked this concept in the first place. The only ships I'm planning to make similar to the "god" standard are the Borg cubes as they are tough in ST as well, but surely I won't make them take on 39+ enemy ships. I will test this baby when I get around to finish this as now I have a lot of exams at my university and my free time is limited.

 #9 - Posted by: Dontai (Member) on 06-17-2008 at 08:38

fire warrior if you want play it only give me call. Best to leave message so i can fix time delays ect.

 #10 - Posted by: Dontai (Member) on 06-17-2008 at 08:41

sorry i just totally screwed up, meh. If you want to play it online, give me call. This why i want a delete button and i have played the improve single player. Still playing and have not really wanted to play ai lol.

 #11 - Posted by: Firewarrior1705 (Member) on 06-17-2008 at 11:06

Sorry dontai but I don't play online, I like my balanced mods over the crappy stock ship and stations odfs ;)

 #12 - Posted by: JChamberlain (Member) on 06-17-2008 at 13:55

I balanced my game much better than the stock, even still I've turned the Federation into a sort of super race, and that AI still kicked my butt for a while until I got a strategy down, and it was still hard. Resistance was painful but not futile :borg: Freyr man, make some AIP's for instant action. It makes it a challenge, not to mention interesting.

 #13 - Posted by: Firewarrior1705 (Member) on 06-17-2008 at 14:22

I made aips for instant action for my personal mod but I have many non-stock ships in it.

 #14 - Posted by: Freyr (Staff) on 06-17-2008 at 14:24

I will do AI's for skirmish with Thunderfoot after we have done the Single Player Campaign. The real problem that I can see now is that the AI needs to play every single map differently to stand a reasonable chance, and to the best of my knowledge you can only write one AI script for 600+ maps. I would point out that that AI is written to provide a challenge against the stock units available on each level. If your using anything above units you are going to effortlessly butcher the AI on the first half of the campaign, especially if you have added in battleships where your only meant to be using cruisers and destroyers. The latter half may be slightly more challenging, but its still written to defend against stock units, not things you have modded in. Using the experience I have gained doing the existing hard AI I may go back and optimise the AI against non stock units so it can offer a challenge even when it ends up fighting a battle against ships its not expecting.

 #15 - Posted by: Dontai (Member) on 06-17-2008 at 18:21

fire warrior i ment your mod online, not stock ... i never have and never will play stock. I refused to play game where galore is more powerful then a galaxy.

 #16 - Posted by: JChamberlain (Member) on 06-17-2008 at 19:41

Dude I know what you meant it to do but I upgraded the stock models to make in more interesting, and combined with the upgraded project, your AI kicked my butt and looked cool doing it. :borg: I got even in the end though }>

 #17 - at #15 - Posted by: Firewarrior1705 (Member) on 06-17-2008 at 23:30

It's still not finished yet I'm affraid, I still have to add the Scimitar with modded weapons for the romulans, I have to balance the Borg and the Species and to write the AIPs for the romulans, borg and species. And maybe add a Kvek cruiser instead of the commando team one for the klingons. If you wanna take a look at the odfs, PM me over the forum and I'll them to you to get a glimpse of what I've done so far ;)

 #18 - Posted by: exodus_499 (Member) on 06-20-2008 at 13:55

Has everybody forgotten about the odf changes in the physics project? And the upgrade project's amazing graphics... updates? I was playing (well, losing :() just yesterday with both of these *and* the new campaign AIs and basically it rocks. Full mods are great, but they always lack in some small way that will never compare to the combined effect these three mods have on the stock game (oh god - in a perfect world....).

 #19 - Posted by: Firewarrior1705 (Member) on 06-20-2008 at 22:01

I have included these 3 mods in mine since I've started it ;)

 #20 - Thank You to #18 @ #19 - Posted by: thunderfoot006 (Staff) on 06-21-2008 at 03:54

This is exactly what I hoped for. The idea was to make something that anyone could add into their own mods or game, with few adjustments. I have always disliked the way the ships move in the stock game. I have also always disliked the stupid way the AI fights. A2 players deserve to have that beautiful ship they've just D/L'd move in a manner which shows off its grace and power. A2 players deserve to have an AI which offers a real challenge to their skills and does not just provide them with a better or different array of shooting gallery targets. The comments you've posted here tell me I am moving in the right direction.

 #21 - Posted by: Firewarrior1705 (Member) on 06-21-2008 at 04:52

You could also make some AI files for instant action as well, I've made some for my personal mod but I can't get the comp to build 2 or more shipyards or to make him gather more resources or colonize more planets in order to build all the ships I added in the aip files. But it's tons of fun when playing with lots of resources from the begining. Really DS9 like battles }>

 #22 - Posted by: thunderfoot006 (Staff) on 06-21-2008 at 07:02

Instant Action Files for the AI are currently slated to be the final part of ImpSPCam so as to do them correctly. I am not sure yet when they will be started because I want to finish and release all three Single Player campaigns.

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