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Published by theStarfleetKid 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


You can serve anywhere aboard the starship Enterprise-D, just not the bridge. You decide to:

....serve in Engineering with Commander LaForge. 29.9% (160)
....serve in Security with Lt. Worf. 28.4% (152)
....serve in Stellar Cartography. 12.1% (65)
....serve drinks in Ten-Forward. 10.8% (58)
....not serve at all if you can't command. 6.7% (36)
....serve in Sickbay with Dr. Crusher. 5.4% (29)
....serve in the transporter room with Chief O'Brien. 3.9% (21)
....serve in some other part of the ship (comment and tell us where!) 1.8% (10)
....serve in the shuttlebay, but not as a pilot. 0.7% (4)
Total: 535
Start: 12-02-2008 17:30
Last: 12-10-2008 14:08

 #1 - Posted by: Dial_A_Priest (Member) on 12-02-2008 at 20:39

I'm going for photon torpedo control, just so I can blow something up.

 #2 - Posted by: WerdBorg (Member) on 12-02-2008 at 22:05

Shuttlebay-as a Pilot/Engineer

 #3 - Posted by: IKS_Yo_Mama (Staff) on 12-03-2008 at 01:59

Security with Worf - sorry but I don't like drinking prune juice during the christmas party Engineering with LaForge - Too many coolant leaks Stellar Cartography - Boooring Ten-Forward - Wouldn't be able to listen to Guinan's philosophies, though I could spike Wesley's drink with some Laxatives Transporter room with O'Brien - Nah, I like the chief and all but transporters aren't my thing Shuttlebay? nah Sickbay with Crusher - Hell Yeah!

 #4 - Posted by: anazonda (Staff) on 12-03-2008 at 02:15

Battle bridge... in secret of cause.

 #5 - Posted by: WerdBorg (Member) on 12-03-2008 at 02:43

Scrubbing Plasma Manafolds:D

 #6 - Posted by: Cmd_Nova (Member) on 12-03-2008 at 05:53

I voted for "Serve else where on the ship" I'd be in the intelligence department.

 #7 - Posted by: Thunderchild205 (Member) on 12-03-2008 at 10:42

Engineering- too much stuff blowing up Security- sorry, but the rule of red shirts still applies even in TNG Sickbay- hot doc and nurses, sign me up!

 #8 - Posted by: 1_Crazy (Member) on 12-03-2008 at 13:36

I'd like to be one of the technicians to service the Captian's Yacht!

 #9 - Posted by: Lord_Narf_CLXX (Member) on 12-03-2008 at 21:59

I want to be the guy who gets to push the fire button. }>

 #10 - Posted by: imprezzed (Member) on 12-04-2008 at 00:40

This is easy. I'd serve in Ops (or the CIC)

 #11 - Posted by: adm_tyler (Member) on 12-04-2008 at 05:17

Security, you can shoot things!

 #12 - Posted by: Return_of_Elrond (Member) on 12-04-2008 at 08:46

I picked with LaForge in Engineering, basically because as an Engineer, you can basically do anything you want. Self Destruct - got that covered. Fire torpedoes - engineering override. Eject captain from the bridge - engineering override. Fire phasers - engineering override. Go to warp to any location - engineering override. Park beside that Borg Cube and moon the Borg as the ship goes by - engineering, oh wait a minute, anyone can do that if they're near a window! XD

 #13 - Posted by: Dooley_001 (Member) on 12-04-2008 at 14:13

worf worf WORF Hes the chuck norris of star trek it would be an honor

 #14 - Posted by: theStarfleetKid (Staff) on 12-04-2008 at 18:05

No, no-- Chuck Norris is the real-life equivalent of Worf, not the other way around. Chuck Norris wakes up, looks in the mirror, and is secretly disappointed he's not Worf. :lol: :cool:

 #15 - Posted by: Eluvatar (Staff) on 12-07-2008 at 14:48

other: serve :donut:

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