Weekly Poll Results - You've just done an install of Armada II 1.1, from stock.

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Published by Freyr 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


You've just done an install of Armada II 1.1, from stock. Where do you start modding it?

Just toss in a whole total conversion, see what happens. 31.2% (99)
Add new ships and work around the stock stuff. 23.9% (76)
Needs more donuts. 11.3% (36)
Take out the stock ships and replace them all. 10.4% (33)
The universe (planets, backgrounds etc). 9.1% (29)
Add more races from other mods. 8.5% (27)
The stock textures, not the models themselves. 3.1% (10)
Stations and/or turrets are my starting point. 2.2% (7)
Total: 317
Start: 08-03-2008 05:12
Last: 08-10-2008 05:44

 #1 - Posted by: HMS_Frontier (Member) on 08-03-2008 at 05:21

Wow I have 100% of the vote at the moment but I am the only one to of voted so far so that might exsplane it, any way I aways add ships first then stations

 #2 - Posted by: Stargazor_001 (Member) on 08-03-2008 at 07:22

I would, in this order: - replace stock ships - add new ships - replace stock stations and add stations - rebalance odf's (increase buildtimes, hullstrenghts, rework all weapons) - backgrounds, planets, nebulae

 #3 - Posted by: ameba (Member) on 08-03-2008 at 07:44

wow. i should have kept my mouth shut. second in a row....

 #4 - Posted by: jlp47at (Member) on 08-03-2008 at 07:57

Interesting poll. Here's what I would do. Maps All mods (Universe, Sounds, background, etc.) Ships (starting with the Feds) Stations Anything else

 #5 - Posted by: Jetfreak (Member) on 08-03-2008 at 08:27

I always start with the Map objects. :)

 #6 - Posted by: Freyr (Staff) on 08-03-2008 at 09:12

I usually start (and finish) modding a new installation with retextures for stock. But I think everybody would be disappointed if I didn't.

 #7 - Posted by: dan1025 (Member) on 08-03-2008 at 12:34

I start by replacing the starfields and planets e.t.c (thank you Yacuzza!) then I move on to replacing the ships and stations of the various stock races, then finally I add the best elements from my favourite total conversions.

 #8 - Posted by: shadow_from_afc (Member) on 08-03-2008 at 13:03

Nice Poll. That is how I would work: - replace all stock ships and stations which are of low quality. - Add new ships and stations to add variety and new possibilities. - Add new special weapons - Rebalance all races where necessary - Change planets to get additional possibilities (arm them for example) and use better textures. - Add new planets and map - objects as well as backgrounds to give new variety - Add new races. - And finally : find a way to make the BORG as aggressive as they are on TV. (even after a lot trying this is the last thing to work on, in my armada2 they are still sitting ducks. Even with the toughest ships and strongest weapons. Seems to me their stupidity is hard- coded.)

 #9 - Posted by: Firewarrior1705 (Member) on 08-03-2008 at 13:55

for me goes like this: - adding new textures, ships and stations - adding my own weapons - rebalancing the odfs(adding shileds, increasing hull strengths, balancing the weapons, etc.) - rewriting the ai files in order to be able to play against the ships I've added - adding new sounds and voice effects It's interesting that this poll is about these steps as now I'm working on a personal A2 mod which is still far form over(I have to balance the borg and species, add a few new weapons and effects, add a hutet for the cardies and write the ai files)

 #10 - Posted by: JChamberlain (Member) on 08-03-2008 at 16:22

You start with the Upgrade Project because it looks amazing and you work forward.

 #11 - Posted by: adm_tyler (Member) on 08-03-2008 at 23:54

I agree with #10, I start with Textures. Currently I have modded my game a lot (I have about 5 shipyards and 3 full Starbases that can build unique ships) and added many maps, ships, weapon, etc. (I even added more races (Ferengi, Terran, Saiyan, TMP Starfleet) I still use many of the stock ships & stations, though. I like most of them.

 #12 - mmmMMMMmmmm....... - Posted by: phasertech (Member) on 08-04-2008 at 14:49


 #13 - Oh for gods sake - Posted by: Captain_Kirk76 (Member) on 08-04-2008 at 17:35

When are you guys going to quit the stupid donuts crap?

 #14 - #13 - Posted by: jlp47at (Member) on 08-05-2008 at 12:54

Donuts are an established tradition at Armada2Files, and not to be trifled with! Long Live the Donuts!

 #15 - Posted by: Freyr (Staff) on 08-05-2008 at 13:46

When are you guys going to quit the stupid donuts crap?

I donut know. Probably never? Maybe when all of the current staff leave, but chances are any new staff we pick will use it as well.

 #16 - Posted by: Adam_Kitchin (Member) on 08-06-2008 at 16:10

Before the above, I'd balance the races so a battleship isnt destroyed after two torpedoes and a phaser :)

 #17 - Posted by: Lord_Narf_CLXX (Member) on 08-08-2008 at 14:39

The first thing I do is replace the butt ugly Galaxy class then go from there. And I change almost everything. lol.

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