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Published by theStarfleetKid 13 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
I know that a lot of you out there are thinking it's too late to enter the Year End Modding Contest, or that whatever you have to offer, it's not going to win. There are some misconceptions I wanted to clear up. Here we go: You submit your entries in the contest to [email protected] as a COMPLETE mod. Your e-mail should include a .ZIP or a .RAR with everything, error-checked and with a readme offering full installation instructions, and should have the subject line "Year End Modding Contest Entry". This way we don't toss it in the spam bucket. Submissions will be for Armada II, patched to 1.1 level. We want to be sure the contest entries work for everyone. Also, to clarify, there are three categories: [b]NEW SHIP NEW SPECIAL WEAPON NEW GAMEPLAY CONCEPT[/b] You can enter more than one time, you can enter more than one category.... you can do as much or as little as you want. You can simply do whatever you want. But I want to quote something that Thunderfoot006 said as a comment in the previous news item, simply because he said it better than I could. [quote]I would like to encourage EVERYONE to enter the Modding Contest. That's right, everyone. Even if you think what you have isn't very good. This Community is shrinking every day. More people are leaving than are coming in. More people are lurking instead of taking an active part. Lurking isn't bad. But surely there are people out there on the sidelines who are at least as smart or talented as I am. And I consider myself slightly below average. I'd like very much to see the judges overwhelmed with entries to the point where the Contest winners are announced at Easter, 2009 because it takes them that long to look at everything. This Community has gone through some difficulties this past year. I see this Contest as a way to remind everyone this Community is a very fine bunch of people and proudly represents all the best aspects of an online gaming website. It hasn't really been about A2 for awhile for me. I play it regularly and enjoy doing so. But for me, it has become about you. All of you. So please help me out here and submit something for the contest. This Community and all of the fine people within it deserve to see what you can do with A2.[/quote] Of course, contrary to the sentiment offered above, we'll be in a position to announce the winners of the contest no later than January 31st, 2009. So far there are only two confirmed entries, each the only one in their respective categories. It's not exactly the "overwhelmed" state Thunderfoot hoped for.... yet. But there's still time! Lots of time! Even if all you've got is a little .ODF modding skill, there's plenty of time and lots of reasons why you should get yourself into the game. Enter early, enter often, and enter to win! (NOTE: Aside from bragging rights, we don't really have any prizes to issue. Maybe some "Contest Winner!" respect in the forums, I don't know.) Entries should probably be received by January 15th, 2009. That's next Thursday. We look forward to seeing what y'all have for us. :cool:
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