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Published by Freyr 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Well, it may be that some fans of this modification have been wondering what is happening recently, being that there haven’t really been any updates as such. I can tell you now, that the project is still going strong, even if it is a little slow.

Since the last update, the project now only has two team members: Myself and Mr Moreman. There are others around who have helped with various items, and there are those who continue to aid the project, but in regards to actual team members, there are only the two.

Anyhow, to give everyone a quick reminder, the project is to include four main races, those to be the stock A2 species, minus the Borg and Species 8472. Therefore, it will be the Cardassians, Federation, Klingon and Romulan factions that you shall have to look forward to.

In addition, there will be numerous other races that will be making an appearance in the project, though will not be ‘playable’ as such.

Now, I am happy to say, that the Cardassian Fleet, along with the Federation Fleet are complete. I have all of the models that I am in need of, all of which are textured, and all of which work in game. Some of them aren’t completely hard-pointed yet, and others I need to redo, but the models are there.

From the latter two screenshots, you can see the two fleets, and the size at which most of the ships will appear at. The Achilles Class may be altered between now and the release. I’m not entirely happy with her scaling at the moment.

I should note, in regards to the Cardassian and Federation sides, it is only the combat ships that I’ve got done. The non-combat ships and stations are still to be complete. I’ve got various models for both, but neither yet have a fully complete build list.

Now we move onto the Klingons and Romulans. These two sides are in a pickle at the moment. With these two, it is a simple case of me not having the models ready. I have all the designs, along with ideas of what will eventually be, just nothing solid. Over time, and with the aid of those helping me, I hope to have these two finished within a few good months.

The Klingons have six complete models, five models, of which require alterations, rebuilds, or textures, and four models of which need to be started. The Romulans have three (possibly four) models complete, four models of which are in need of alterations, rebuilds, or textures, and six/seven of which need to be started.

In regards to stations, I have been given permission by Achilles to extract anything I may wish from his AoW project. Major A Payne has also stated people are free to use items from Borg Incursion, therefore, along with stations from those two projects, in addition to some of those I have worked on already, should complete my stations for all of the required races.

On an ending note, the ZH Website (, ZH Profile Page (, the ZH Forums (, and the ZH MODdb Page ( have all recently been updated, so please do feel free to check around.

For now, I think that pretty much covers everything… If anyone has any questions, comments etc, please feel free to share them.

PS: I wouldn’t expect everyone to have noticed, but I’ve recently had a change of name. From this point on, I’ll be known as ‘Transmission’, or ‘Ash’. - Got bored with ‘Tycoon’.

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