Star Trek: Armada II

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All Files In Star Trek: Armada II Utilities
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Utilities STAUM 2.0

off your installation because you missed a quote mark somewhere? This tool finds where. While I haven't used this yet, it sounds like it's...


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Utilities Modder's Toolbox

the forums... Extensive manuals included.Programmed in C++. Tested on XP and Vista, but should run on all Windows systems.Terra_Inc


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Utilities Generic Mod Enabler Addon

addon is placed in the same directory as the armada2.exe and the mod enabler exe. What it does is launch the mod enabler then once the enabl...


Utilities The Modder's Toolbox

lot easier. They simulate the behavior of the game, so you can predict things like weapon output, crew loss and even the outcome of battles...


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Utilities Muldrfs Hierarchy Joint Assist Tool

ships.Here is a guide video showing the "earlier" version of the tool that is integrated into the LMTools for Legacy in action. It is a sli...


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Utilities SOD Exporter 3dsMax Script

2.Supported:- Animation (move, rotate, scale), including sprite and emitter animation- Smoothing groups supported intuitively- Backward comp...


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