Star Trek: Armada II
2 Player

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All Files In Star Trek: Armada II 2 Player
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2 Player The Crossing Grounds

Another great map by Derek hopefully ive got this one right :) and it looks great!! so download now!!! :D


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2 Player ST: Avatar

This is a great map, and it looks like Commander David Clarke is off to a good start with his avatar mod!! Download no seriously, down...


2 Player Boundries 2 map

It is a pretty large map. One player has one half, and the other player has the other half. Wormholes connect the two sides which are origin...


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2 Player Test25 map

This is a 2 player map. Not much to it, but it may be worth the download.


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2 Player ThatguyinPC's 1vs1

Arguably the best Non-Clanner/1vs1er in A2 today has finally made his own map. He told me it's essentially the middle of 6Wasup, but with a...


2 Player 2 player map

a nice map submitted by Kahless


2 Player The Division map

This map is a mostly clear little place to battle. It has a large asteroid belt going through the middle of the map with wormholes on either...


2 Player The Cache map

It is a good size map that has alot of obsticles to get in your way of getting to the enemy. In the map, there is a cache of moons, metal pl...


2 Player Boundries map

It is a very simple map. It is a two player map with a asteroid belt protecting each side with only a small place for ships to fly through....


2 Player Europe 1 map

This map is based on the new Europe planets.


2 Player 8472 Battle Map

nice map for 8472 and a alpha quadrant race - seperated by asteroids - joined by wormholes.


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2 Player Europe 2 Map

The sequal to the Europe 1 map.


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2 Player One Way In map

I think this is a sort of a SP mission. You have to defeat the Bogr and stuff. Sounds cool. Have fun with it!


2 Player Borg Transwarp Hub map

This is a map of the Borg Transwarp hub..


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2 Player The Prize

Another great map by the master of mapanomics himself Johndavid240. No screenshot im afraid, so how good is it? Thats for you to deside :) D...


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2 Player The Appature

I commend this author for putting ALLOT of work, time, and thought into this map. Good Job :)


2 Player Testmap

A 2 player map by Kardon. Looks like there's also some enemy ships that start out on the map, so watch out.


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2 Player Fight for Earth (2.0)

This is Bloodenator's seccond version of this map, although this version is for a regular game rather then an assult map. Its a good map, d/...


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2 Player Zelda

Funny map, it has the Zelda logo spelled out with asteroids. All you Zelda fans will want this one.


2 Player The Solar System 2 player

A map of the solar system.


2 Player Nebula

A map filled with nebulas, the fourth by John Gray


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2 Player Jake's Jigantic X

Not the best i've seen from Bloodenator, but still a good map. Basicly its a huge X, with plenty of danger around the wormholes. D/L if you...


2 Player Capture the Base

A 2 player map by Kardon, looks interesting.


2 Player Gamma Quadrant

Here is a nice map, i liked it. The quote sums up what its about nicely. ;) It is a standard size 2player map. One player has one...


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