Star Trek: Armada II
2 Player

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All Files In Star Trek: Armada II 2 Player
2 Player 8472 Horror

It is a standard size 2player map. the map is split into 3 sections. the top section and bottom section (for players) and the middle section...


2 Player Alternate Reality

Nice two player map. In this map one team has an half, and the other has the other half. wormholes connect each half to the "center channel"...


2 Player Wolf359 Aftermath

This is a collection of two maps, both based round Wolf359's aftermath. This info is taken from the readme. Info on Wolf359 Aftermath:...


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2 Player System

This map has two ring astroid fields (use your imagination to connect the outer field), and several astriod 'mazes' (use your imagination...


2 Player Neutral Zone

This map is a two player map based on the nutral zone between the federation and the romulan empire. There's sensor arrays line the perimete...


2 Player Fluidic Space

2 player map. The bottom half of the map is split into two areas for each of the two players where as the top half of the map simulates spec...


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2 Player Where No One has Gone before

A cool two player map by Weyoun. ;)


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2 Player Latinum Rush in Andromeda

This map is continuing on from the map "Where no one has gone before". wich can be found [url=


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2 Player Forsaken Space.

This is a two player Fleetops map. There is a wormhole leading to the delta quadrant which is surrouned by a heavely armed borg base. which...


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2 Player Death from Beauty

This map is continuing on from the map "Latinum Rush in Andromeda ". wich can be found H...


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2 Player The Maze

This map is following on from the map "Death from Beauty" wich can be found Here...


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2 Player The Enterprise Mystery

This is a cool map, one in a long series, and this map is following on from the map "The Maze" wich can be found [url=http://www.armada2fi...


2 Player the tube

this map looks like a long tube with 2 bases at either end


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2 Player T.J.P Hall Way Hell

This is a cool two player map by Trevor J Plikington.


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2 Player In Memory of Clan [-A-]

This is a basic map, it has four moons and four planets. It also has (as viewable from the mipmap) two "A"'s drawn out on it. Download if yo...


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2 Player This Party's Over

This file will be reviewed at a later date.


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2 Player Hot 2 Player Map

This is an intresting two player map by Hokan, not very wide, and another creative design. I like it.


2 Player Passage

This is a standard 2 player map. In order to defeat the enemy you must get to him. But how? Play the game and you will find out!


2 Player Terran Empire Map

So, this is a 2 Player Map by TJP that has the Terran Empire logo in the center of it. Sure looks pretty but I don't know how much it does...


2 Player Vensuvi 1v1 map

This is a 1v1 map for Armada II. Download if you want.


2 Player Ultimate Duel

Reasons why I think you should all download this map right now: 1) Good lay-out/design, especially bearing in mind it's for 2 players. 2)...


2 Player Asteroid Field

Well, I think this proves that maps really can make a game interesting. What we have here is a very full map consisting of, yup, you guessed...


2 Player Chess

A map in the form of a Chess Board, and for two (I think) players. Whilst you obviously wont play like a Chess Game (at least, not against t...


2 Player Romulans vs Federation by Fahres

This is a two player map, that as the name suggests pits the federation against the Romulans. Because of the number of Nebulae I would pers...


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