Star Trek: Armada II
3 Player

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All Files In Star Trek: Armada II 3 Player
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3 Player 3 Distinct Possibilites

This is a map with 3 bases seperated by asteriods and wormholes. A bit basic, but still a nice map.


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3 Player Triple Trouble

A map with lots of nebulae and asteriods; this may cause lag on some computers. A fairly good laid out map, and worth a download


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3 Player Resource Race

This, as the name suggests, is a map where you start not near any resources, and it's a "race" to get to them. Nice, challenging concept...


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3 Player Sucker

This map has a strange name that pretty much has nothing to do with the map :D. The map itself is pretty basic, with the only strange featu...


3 Player 3 planet void

Second map from Captain_H in what should be a long line of them! Consult the readme for more details


3 Player 3dir home station

The map has class-V planets made by twitch, one of Cmndr_Parker's borg planets,a standard moon, and three latinum nebulas at the sta...


3 Player Underwater I: Borg Base map

nice map! - same old - same old!


3 Player Triad

This is my version of the great Armada 1 map. It is a three player map, and the best place on the map is in the center. The 'uppe...


3 Player Federation Space Map

This is a pretty cool 3 player map for Armada II :) Worth adding to your collection!


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3 Player ResourceWar

A nice little three player map for you to enjoy, from the readme, it involves a little transwarp to get from place to place, other than that...


3 Player 3peace

Introducing 3peace, a three player map which is quite a fun map to play with. The map is divided into three "sectors" with evenly distribute...


3 Player TJP Three

This is the last one in the odd number series. This is a simple map ho ever just because it simple does not mean it easy there are two way t...


3 Player TJP Emma J Rees

This map is name after a friend of my. 2 start of points are right next to the other with Asteroids between them and around them there are t...


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3 Player Borg Map

Borg map from Adm Tyler. For three players. Enjoy. :cool:


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