Star Trek: Armada II
4 Player

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All Files In Star Trek: Armada II 4 Player
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4 Player Corners

A map with no apparant design, this map has a few wormholes and some nebulae spread around.


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4 Player Almost Lifeless

This map has a few ships in the middle, which is an area surrounded by asteriods accessible only by the wormholes surrounding it. Otherwise...


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4 Player 4 Unlimited Resources

As the title cleverly says, this map is made primnarily for unlimited resources play, not much else can be done otherwise.


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4 Player Encounter

This is a strange map with most of its areas acccessible only by wormholes. (And no the map was not made by Me (Stingray), the map was ma...


4 Player The Galaxy Is Yours

A basic map with a spiraling asteriod field, but he kind of overdid it on the wormholes, eh?


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4 Player Donut

A strange map (I don't see the donut in it;)), with lots of nebulae.


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4 Player Mortac's Realm

This is a big map, but i feel that there is an overuse of nebulae in this map.


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4 Player The Badlands

WOAH! I know he wanted to make the badlands "Bad", but he used too many nebulas.


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4 Player Mp04Big1

This is a BIG map! It's pretty basic in design though.


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4 Player Warcircle Improved

The author of this map believes he has improved the original Warcircle, but I feel that he made it worse. Theres just too much stuff he add...


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4 Player Mirror Universe

This map is basically left and right bases, connected by a wormhole. Nothing real out of the ordinary.


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4 Player Quadcube

A basic map with bases connected by wormholes, though the middle part is a bit small.


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4 Player Metalworld

As the name implies, this map has lots of Class D planets


4 Player [Q] Mowgly

This is a map that appears to be sloppily designed, and once you get into the game, you can see that the map is slopply designed.


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4 Player Warcircle Without The Newbie

All this map does is take away most of the asteriods in the original Warcircle, and add and take out a few planets.


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4 Player Super Assault

A strange map, this is actually fun to play because of it's nebula square :)


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4 Player 2vs2 Tournament Map

One of the best maps for 2vs2, and a fair one at that


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4 Player Now You Die

One of my personal favorites, this map has plenty of resources in each base to build up a good fleet.


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4 Player 4Base3

A cool map by Addleskull, this map is divided into 4 bases with cerelulan nebulae and a Starbase at the openings. A good design :)


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4 Player 4Base1

This map is uniquely designed, with most of the resources in a seperate wing of a base. It's surely a unique approach to a map, and is qui...


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4 Player 4War3

A Variation of the 4War map, this one has romulan and 8472 defenses guarding the main wormhole, and has deralict stations positioned at each...


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4 Player Borg Graveyard

Love it or hate it, this is one of Addle's best and most widely used maps (The original Graveyard was Addle's too, but he was known as Vic...


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4 Player Bunkers

As the name suggests, this map is divided into 4 "Bunkers." The real challenge is to get the class M's in the middle before anyone else...


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4 Player The Gatekeepers

THis map is divided into top and bottom, seperated by asteriods, and the pathway between them is heavily guarded with turrets, mothers, rift...


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