Star Trek: Armada II
4 Player

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All Files In Star Trek: Armada II 4 Player
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4 Player Grow Some Balls

This map is similar to The Gatekeepers, but the middel defense is accessed by wormholes, and it is only a couple fusion cube. The asteriod...


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4 Player Through Hell

THis map is made for unlim, and has lots of obstacles to prevent you from reaching the other side. Good map for a long match.


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4 Player Time To Die

One of my personal favorites, this map is divided into 5 sections, each accessible only by wormhole. The trick is to claim as many planets...


4 Player Triad

Another unique map from Addleskull. The design is a little hard to describe , so take a look at the pic :D


4 Player Cobra

As the name suggests, this map is shaped somewhat like a cobra, with twists and turns as you travel to the enemie's base =) A good map, an...


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4 Player Quad

This is a simple map with a fairly basic structure however it allows good gameplay. It is good for beginners to play on and can provide a qu...


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4 Player 4warcircle

This is the A2 version of the highly popular warcircle series from the original Armada. Lotus107 has managed to recreate this great map in a...


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4 Player BorgHell 3

This is a cool map for the borg to play on as a transwarp gate is needed. I won't say more as it'll ruin the fun. There are infinite possi...


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4 Player 4Planet

This is a simple map with a planet in each corner.


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4 Player Through Hell 2

For the people who didn't like the difficulty of the first Through Hell, PaceMaka...


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4 Player 12th Hole

This map is basically with use for a quick fleet war. Make sure you put settings as unlimited resources and crew and max officers, otherwise...


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4 Player 4kazon4

A decently good map for four players. It's pretty fun to play on.


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4 Player Que's Map

This is a great map... one way in, one way out for all the bases and some deralicts near the center for you to scavenge.


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4 Player AOS Hide and Seek

This is a MUST download! Its a 2vs2 map with only a wormhole access to your base. Between the two wormholes in the middle there are a lot of...


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4 Player 4Midsuprise

This is a nice map for long matches, and with a special suprise in the middle ;)


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4 Player Cardassian Hell

As with the rest of the "Hell" series, this map has an insabe number of ships between the enemy and you.


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4 Player Borg Transwarp Hub

A usual asreriod-filled map with Transwarp Portals connecting each area.


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4 Player Centerstage

This is a pack of two maps, and a nebula mod. From the readme: NEBULA PATCH: This optional patch allows the user to build a struct...


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4 Player Jeri's Asteroid Field V4

Well I thing it bests with fewer players so I did this with 4 players. I have done it with 8,6,4 and 2 and Thing this is the best one.


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4 Player Pilkit

A nice base-oriented map with "Pilkit" Spelled out in asteroids near the middle :)


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4 Player Borg Nebula

A Borg Nebula Hmm that sounds fun. Aaah just got killed by the borg, darn. Carefull on this map. Your base is protected by asteroids...


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4 Player Borg nebula

No captain why do we have to go back to that deadly place. Aaah just got killed again by the borg, darn. Carefull on this map. Your b...


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4 Player BorgNebula Pack

This is map pack includes 3 maps All of them have nice nebula clouds to hide in but not for long as the clouds may hurt you. Again sta...


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4 Player Latinum Nebula

Now this is a major money map. If you complain that there is not enough Latinum on this map then your stupid cause the whole map is almos...


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