Star Trek: Armada II
5 Player

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All Files In Star Trek: Armada II 5 Player
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5 Player 5 No Fair

Man this is an Un fair map 3v2. better make sure your on the right side.


5 Player Wolf 359

This is a 5 player map that simulates the battle at Wolf 359.


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5 Player Borg Base

The main changes between the 2 is a expanded asteroid field in the middle: 2.1:


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5 Player A Bridge Over Troubled Water

Well this looks like a good 5 person map hes got here off-topic: this is the first file ive posted here now download!!! vo...


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5 Player Five Way War

Five Way War is a good map by trekkie9. Add to your map collection :)


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5 Player Assault at Cardassia Prime

This is a large Five Player map by Sonic14. There is no real pattern or logic to this map, its fairly large and random, making for a unique...


5 Player 5discount

Here is another odd-numbered player map, this is a five player map called 5discount. This is another rather interesting design - 3 sectors o...


5 Player Fly Trap

Neat asymmetrical five-player map from pinkfluffy. From the e-mail. Please find herewith a 5 player map designed with (but not res...


5 Player TJP Five

Here we have a 5 player map and that why it call Five. Here you had 4 players on the side while one is in the Middle the 2 players on the ri...


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