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All Files In Star Trek: Armada II Addons
Addons Borg Textures 2

This is a pack of borg textures for individual mods for A2. It will give borg textures to the NX Class, Danube, excelsior refit and The Dau...


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Addons Small Imperial Addon

This is a mini mod for Sta2 it adds in some Imperial ships and stations from my upcoming mod. The models are used from the SWvsST tea...


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Addons Small Imperial Addon Upgrade

This mod upgrades the mini mod with more power for both stations and ships


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Addons Armada2 Refit Mod

This is a MOD for Star Trek Armada II, it changes the weapons, shields, build times and resource costs of some ships and stations.


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Addons All Race Assault Class Improver

This increases the power that assault ships have on opponents and shielding thier own defenses


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Addons Federation Cruiser Refit

This improves the federations cruiser fleet with a more power aresenal of torpedos and phasers


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Addons Galaxy Refit

This refits the games original galaxy odf with a new one. The new galaxy is a war machine. It has the borg holding beam and transwarpdrive,...


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Addons Light Cruiser Refit

This mod enhances the weapons on the Defiant, Saber, Venture, and Iwo Jima Class Starships


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Addons Non-Combat Ships Refit

All cargo, construction, repair ships, freighters and colony ships are now equipted with defensive weaponry


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Addons Parkoids Mod

This mod makes a few changes to the borg's regeneration speed, the sovereign's textures and weapons, and the debris stays longer


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Addons Federation Realistic Mod

Various changes and additions to the Federation ::See Readme::


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Addons Starfleet Refit

This mod makes the federation more realistic with more trek accuate ships


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Addons Realistic Armada2

This mod replaces all *.odf files and replaces them. It gives the game a more likely and trek feeling to it. The auto installer also is a...


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Addons Federation Battleship Refit

the Nebula, Sovregn ang Galaxy Class Starships get the weaponry improved in this mod to boost up their power


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Addons Cruiser Modification

This cruiser mod increases the weapons for all cruiser class vessels in all races. Including. federation- Akira class Intrepid cla...


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Addons Mega Federation Mod

This is a pretty good mod exspecially for being the modders fist mod. The mod basically boosts the feds power up by adding ships and moddin...


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Addons S31 Addon Mod

This is the beginning of the Star Trek Borg Incursion II Mod (Directly quoted from other readme) INFORMATION This current beta adds...


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Addons Incursion Mod

This mod makes the Incursion class buildable, as well as other enhancements explained in the readme.


Addons Return of the Dominion Patch

This is the patch for the recently released mod - it corrects the problem with the weapons and updates the gui


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Addons Movable Federation Starbase

This is a simple replacement of the fbase.odf file that makes Federation Starbases movable. I tried it, and its pretty fun :) Be sure to m...


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Addons Elite Force Hazard Team

This is a pretty cool mod. It has a new ship with it that carries a hazard team. It even includes sounds!


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Addons Prometheus MVAM

This is the legendary Multi Vector Assault Mode for the Prometheus class modders have been trying for years to recreate. This works, bu...


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Addons Rescaled Ships And Stations Negh Var Fix

This fix should be downloaded alongside the 1.2 version of the Rescaled Ships and Station...


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Addons Captain Fingers' Improved Sods

These are improved versions of most of Captain Fingers' SODs of ships he made, so download these if ya want a better version of his ships.


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