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All Files In Star Trek: Armada II Borg
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Borg Assimilated Nebula Class

Just a standard Nebula class ship with it's assimilated textures and a few odf changes.


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Borg Mega Modder's Borg Cube

This is an excellently textured replacement for the standard Borg Cube.


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Borg Borg Cylinder + Fighters

This is a nice collection of Borg ships by Terradyhne. Here's some pics: Borg Cylinder


Borg Micheal Raab's Fusion Cube Replacement

A very nice, more Borg looking, Fusion Cube replacement.


Borg Xtal's Type 2 Cube and Fusion Cube

These are certainly unique designs for a Cube, but are nice changes to the standard Cube design.


Borg Super Diamond

Latest version of APCMmkII's Super Diamond...


Borg Borg Cylinder

Here is the Borg Cylinder from SFCIII. She is a real beauty and is not to heavy on the poly count. I hope. It is designed as a...


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Borg Advanced Cube 1.0 beta

This is an advanced borg cube, made by Prophecy and TheForce. The cube will contstruct borg sphere's that have cool weapons and transwarp d...


Borg Borg textures for p81's intrepid

These are borg textures for p81's intrepid.


Borg Night Wolfs Borg Ship Pack

Some people asked him to make this, so he did! There are three borg ships here, and updated cube,shpere and interceptor.


Borg A2 Borg Sphere

This is an updated Borg Sphere, Its now more powerfull.


Borg Borg Cubes

This mod replaces the original borg cubes, and adds these enhanced looking cubes instead.


Borg Rotors Cube

This is Director Ankin Rotors Cube from virtual voyager series. It has the Sernaix hull armour (green) and slipstream, as well as regenerati...


Borg Borg Queen's Personal Diamond

This is a Borg Queen's Personal Diamond that's built by the Advanced Ship Yard for the Borg race.


Borg Tactical Sphere

Twitch has made a new tactical sphere, looks pretty good.


Borg Borg Sensor, Destroyer, Scout Textures

THis updates the texture files of the three ships/stations named above. They look pretty good, definately better than the stock.


Borg BorgModv1

This mod adds 2 new Borg ships to Armada 2, a Borg Pyramid (comparable to a Borg Sphere) and a Borg Repair Cylinder.


Borg Old tatical cube

An intresting Borg texture mod for the tatical cube. It looks like the cube took an acid bath or something. Good for a change from the stock...


Borg New Borg textures for small ships

These are new Borg textures for...well...the Borg. This will overwrite the stock textures for bcruise1,2, and bspeical ships (see pic) and a...


Borg Three sided Borg cube

Titles can be diceveing... This cube still has six sides, but the texture on the cube only repeats once(instead of 6 times), so there are th...


Borg Omega Tactical Fusion Cube and Ultra Fusion Cube

This is a nice mod for the Borg that will add some super ships to the borg build list. You will now be able to fuse 8 fusion cubes to make t...


Borg Attack Cube

This is a borg cube that looks like a borg cube with some serious armor. It has no shields, but it does have some serious weapons. I reccome...


Borg Locutus

Locutus's Cube from Armada 1 Its by the guy who created the Engine Overload for the Galor for Armada II. He seems to want to remain anomym...


Borg Class VII Tactical Cube

This is the Class VII Tactical Cube by Sherman2. A Very nice looking Cube, download ;)


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