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All Files In Star Trek: Armada II Cardassian
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Cardassian Cardassian Orbitting Base

This looks just like DS9. It has been done with excelennt prescision to detail


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Cardassian Cardassian Quantum Facility Starbase

Remember this? It was seen in the final Klingon mission in SP...and that's it. Luke modified the odf, and now it functions as a stand...


Cardassian Deep Space Nine

This is Deep Space Nine, from the show of the same name, with modifications to the tech tree and sprite files.


Cardassian Cardassian Heavy starbase

this is a Cardassian Heavy starbase


Cardassian Enhanced Cardassian Turrets

Wow, these are great. This is an excellent pack of replacement turrets for the Cardassians. They're finally up to Achilles standard and I l...


Cardassian Cardassian Mining Station

Well, It seems that Achilles is intent on changing every Cardassian ship and station in the game. If that's true, everything should be on t...


Cardassian Monak Shipyard

Here is the latest from Operative34997, A more DS9 looking cardie starbase, and the Monak Shipyard. The multi-repair worked, but the AI kept...


Cardassian Cardassian Tactical Battleyard

A nice-looking station for the Cardassians. Not often we get to see Cardassian ships and stations, so this is a treat!


Cardassian Cardassian Tactical Battle Yard

Another Amazing Station by Yacuzza, Cardassian Tactical Battle Yard.


Cardassian Cardassian Shipyard

This shipyard is a port from BC, originally done by Deemon and converted (in this case) by CanadianBorg. It looks pretty good in game, a...


Cardassian Cardassian Advanced Shipyard

This Cardassian advanced shipyard looks like it belongs to the Cardassians, all right. Converted by CanadianBorg from SFC, the model itself...


Cardassian Cbase by Aad Moerman

This is the Cardassian base for Armada 2. The file contains the ODF file, SOD file, textures, including Borgtextures, buildbutton and wir...


Cardassian Cardassian Advanced Shipyard

I was messing around on Milkshape and Inspierd by Dan1025's Cardassion post on the temporary a2 forums, I opened the stock Bridge Comma...


Cardassian Cardassian Advanced Yard

Cardassian advanced yard by Aad Moerman


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