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All Files In Star Trek: Armada II ENT, TOS and TMP
ENT, TOS and TMP Valiant Class

Once again, Bryan impresses us with a great model. THis time it's a Pre-Federation battlecruiser with an astounding Texture.


ENT, TOS and TMP Akyazi class

Nice 'older' style of federation ship


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ENT, TOS and TMP NX Class

This Mod gives a Borg Texture to Deemon's NX Class as well as giving it the missle from Prophet's Armada 1 version.


ENT, TOS and TMP Paris Class Nacelle testbed

From the TOS era - not a bad ship from that period but the colours are a bit dodgy if you like tyhe cannon stuff


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ENT, TOS and TMP Vernin Class

This is a Vernin class starship. Looks pretty good if you ask me!


ENT, TOS and TMP New Sods

The tltle speaks for itself. this is 5 new sods from Captain Fingers. Happy DL ing :)


ENT, TOS and TMP Archer Class Shuttle

VERY nice Archer Class Shuttle. it has a very different look for a federation shuttle but i say the new look rules! D\L it now!


ENT, TOS and TMP NX Prototype

Its the NX Prototype seen in Star Trek: Enterprise.


ENT, TOS and TMP Oberth Class

This is the Oberth class from Ghost's Compilation Mod, made a single download by steel2 for those of you who have bad connections. Also, the...


ENT, TOS and TMP Oberth Class Mod

This is the oberth class with an installer. It has all the files for a full mod including techtrees, wireframes, buildbuttons, admiral's lo...


ENT, TOS and TMP Centaur Class

This is a re-textured and somewhat modified version of the Centaur class from Borg Incursions 3. Basicly its now limited to turrets and rete...


ENT, TOS and TMP NX-02

an NX 02 model for Armada 2. This models poly count is around 8180, so if you put this into your Armada game be prepared for some...


ENT, TOS and TMP Improved Federation Construction Ship

This is an enhanced version of the construction ship for Armada II. I have to say i prefer this ship to the stock construction ship, even th...


ENT, TOS and TMP Akula Class

Akula Class by Beginner, this an unbelievably Good Version ;) Very nice.


ENT, TOS and TMP Atlantis Class

The Atlantis Class starship.


ENT, TOS and TMP Lexington Class

Lexington Class Command Cruiser.


ENT, TOS and TMP Apocalypse ENT era ships

Enterprise Era Ships, NX, NV, NW from Apocalypse.


ENT, TOS and TMP Akula by Sniper

This is a very nice looking Akula from Sgt-Sniper. We do already have several Akula's on the site but this is certainly in competition with...


ENT, TOS and TMP Mirror universe NX

This is the Mirror universe NX for Star Trek Armada II, ported from bridge commander. You might wan't to beware of the poly count on this on...


ENT, TOS and TMP NX-Defiant

This is a retexture/revamp of the NX-Defiant class ship. This will add a much more accurate Defiant class (This is the defiant) to your A2 I...


ENT, TOS and TMP Renaissance Class

This is the Renaissance Class by Pizza The Hut. The Readme states that the ship (in general) is not of the most spectacular design, but i wo...


ENT, TOS and TMP TOS Surya

TOS Surya class Federation Frigate, predecessor to the Miranda class Heavy Frigatesb there is a remake of Brezgonnes SFC Cruiser model and h...


ENT, TOS and TMP Excelsior Era Destroyer Loki

This is a Loki class destroyer for Armada II, the design taken from Jackill's Starfleet Ref Manual Vol III.


No Screenshot
ENT, TOS and TMP Connie Refit (Willsk84food / Fingers)

Well, as it was said, this is Captain Fingers' Constitution Refit model. And quite a nice model it is too, though I feel it is slightly high...


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