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Federation Tractor Class Tugship

This is a Constitution-style tug ship for the game.


Federation Apocalypse Galaxy and Nebula

A stunning pair of model's from SuperStarAsh's disconinuted mod Apocalypse. Great work ;)


Federation Apocalypse Prometheus

No matter how good SuperStarAsh makes them, he just seems to make them better than you expect! Another file from SSA's mod Apocalypse, th...


Federation Apocalypse Excelsiors

SuperStarAsh does it again, high quality ships here, great work ;)


Federation Steamrummer Class

Steamrunner class by Micheal Kelly, Beautiful ship, just lovely.


Federation Apocalypse Akira

This is a great replacement for the stock Akira, great work!


Federation Apocalypse Mirandas

This file contains several variants of the Miranda Class Starship.


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Federation Apocalypse Daedalus and Constitution

Daedalus & Constitution Class from Apocalypse.


Federation Springfield Class

This is a Springfield Class Starship for Armada II. It has four phaser arrays and three photon torpedo launchers. Download if you like!


Federation Soyuz Class

This is the Soyuz Class made for Armada II by Pizza the Hutt. It is seen in the TNG episode "Cause and Effects", when the Enterprise is st...


Federation The Prometheus Varient

The Zues Class-Prometheus Varient. This ship is equipt with Mini Heavy quantums, an advanced Transphasic launcher, heavy phaser conduits aro...


Federation Tempast Class

Complementary to the Nebula Class, think of this as a "quicker" variant with an extra punch in weaponary. It does seem as if it was based...


Federation TMP Federation Ship Pack

Well, this is quite an amazing pack with plenty of ships here to occupy a small Federation armada. My question is whether or not it's TMP se...


Federation TMP Federation Ship Pack Missing Textures

Simply, some textures that rendered a ship texture-less. If you get the pun, you've spent too much time reading this and wasted a valuable...


Federation Sulu's Excelsior

From The Mail: I have sent you a file of the USS Excelsior with Sounds. The Files Author Is Gavin1701. I have asked full permission f...


Federation Starfinder Class

This is a federation starship that looks like it takes some inspiration from the Prometheus.


Federation TMP construction ship

As you can see from the pictures, this is a good looking TMP construction ship which fills a space in the TMP range of ships already availab...


Federation TMP Akula Class

Another edition to the TMP-era of the Federation, the Akula Class. Although we already have this vessel on the site (at least I think we do)...


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Federation Construction Ship with warp

A very simple modification to the stock construction ship physics .ODF that gives them all warp capability. This is not a new .SOD or textur...


Federation Nexum 4 - Build n mine

A handy little tug that builds map resources. Able to warp and fire, thus a group of them serving as back up fighters allows scope. A new st...


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Federation New Sabre class

See previous readme (;94889) for more details. Once again, the author hasn't included m...


Federation New Sabre class

Apparently this is a new Sabre class. This is NOT the same model as the existing class, so don't expect it to look the same. Also, the compl...


Federation Copernicus Class

The Copernicus class starship is a design as old as Armada modding. Originally made for A1 on ArmadaFleetCommand, by Ben Maxwell, the Copern...


Federation FedorKlingonDonut Takeover Vessel

This vessel is apparently intended for the takeover of donuts in-game. In theory you should be able to use it to take over other vessels as...