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Federation Corinthian Class

This version of the Corinthian class by apoclaydon is nice to see. An interesting design, this experimental vessel is based on Borg technolo...


Federation Akira class separation

NOTE: THIS MOD REQUIRES THE 1.2.5 PATCH IN ORDER TO WORK. Interesting concept. While there's no evidence to suggest that the Akira class...


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Federation X-Mas Tree " Simplified"

Here is one of Weldon's Christmas mods for A2: a Christmas tree. Since there are neither screenshots nor build buttons & log pictures inc...


Federation Frosty, the Snow Shuttle :)

And yet another of Weldon's Christmas mods. Oh, pardon me, this "snow shuttle" has been created by Weldon's young son (as the readme states)...


Federation Sydney Class Transport

After some development time, as seen in the forums, the Sydney class is here. This ship was most prominently seen in the TNG episode "Relics...


Federation USS Reliant Miranda Class

Nice conversion of the USS Reliant from P81's Bridge Commander model.


Federation USS Reliant (1.1)

Once again, the USS Reliant by p81, as ported by mikemckeon007.


Federation Star Trek (2009) Constitution Class Pack

Right, this is probably the best work I've ever done. In here is the Constitution class from StarTrek (2009) in five versions - the USS Ente...


Federation Valiant Class for FleetOps ONLY

This is K_Merses Valiant made for one of the most popular total conversions. Simply just install this and play.