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Federation Quantum Turret

It's all in the title really - obvious!!


Federation Federation Artificial Portal

Nice version of a transwarp type gate - another great design from vt1032


Federation The Two Towers

Here are two new shipyards for the Federation.


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Federation Federation Base Mod

This makes the Station a bit better and includes that you can build venture class scouts from it. Well this isn't a bad idea, it's very smal...


Federation Unity Starbase

This file fixes the ODF problems with extra mod ships and textures.


Federation Earth Defense Platform

This is a defense platform with it's own speical weapons. It uses the ever-popular spacedock model, and it's made up to face up to the tatic...


Federation Midas Array

Sherman2's rendition of the classic Midas Array from Star Trek: Voyager. It includes a buildable research pod that allows you to open a mic...


Federation Advanced Federation Turret

Heres a cool Federatrion turret for adding into your game, I think I might replace my BI2 turret with this, good job Dr. Slim...


Federation Federation Headquarters Base

This is a Federation Headquarters Base that for Star Trek: Armada II.


Federation Apocalypse DS9 with Defiant

This file is a very accurate reproduction of Deep Space Nine complete with a new defiant. ;) Another brilliant mod from SuperStarAsh's disco...


Federation Apocalypse Federation Shipyards

Very nice shipyards here to replace those stock yards which we all know and hate.


Federation Deep Space Mining Station

Deap Space Mining Station for federation side. Beautiful Station, Must Download.


Federation "New Federation Base"

This is a basic edit of a federation base that was origonaly created by Achilles. Download if you want.


Federation Wormhole Generator

What's better then one wormhole generator? I can tell you. It's this mod. Simply put, it gives you "module's" of wormhole construction piece...


Federation K7

"Deep Space Station K7 (tribbles not included)" Unfortunately, it doesn't, but on the plus side, you get a very good mesh and have a "compl...


Federation FahreS' Shipyard Package

Here is the much awaited shipyard package from FahreS. A nice set of brand new stations (one of which I am using myself in Zero Hour) - Even...


Federation Heavy Torpedo Turret

This is a fix of the Torpedo Turret recently uploaded (and then deleted, as this fixes the bug in it). This very heavily armed turret is...


Federation Jupiter Station (retexture)

This, as it states in the File name is a re-texture of Captain Fingers' Jupiter Station, and a fairly nice one at that :) - SSA


Federation Station ReTexture Pack

This is the version two station pack re-texture, making a new job of DS9 & Jupiter Station. Personally these aren't too my liking, too shin...


Federation Utopia Stations

This is a fancy little package, which gives you the Utopia Planitia Stations, seen orbiting Mars in I believe one of the Voyager episodes (i...


Federation Federation Orbital Habitat Station

Now this boys and girls, is something to shout about. Ok, maybe not literally, but still :p Here, we have a Station (smaller than a Space...


Federation Turret Base

Now this is an idea I truly love. Take your average Federation research centre, make it build able after your research station and research...


Federation Space Dock

This has to be one of the best looking Space Dock models I have seen. I am not quite sure on the poly count of them though, however, they do...


Federation Ambush Class - Offensive Yard

Here is FahreS' moveable/offensive fleetyard known as the "Ambush Class". It's quite a cool concept to have a mobile Fleetyard - m...


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