Star Trek: Armada II
Full Race

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Borg Incusion II Low ResTextures Major A Payne 1.92MB 463
Dominion Race Michael Pantner 2.34MB 12,080
Dominion Mod Patch Michael Pantner 45KB 5,026
Dominion Mod Patch Michael Pantner 73KB 5,662
Ferengi Salvage Team WarBorg 3.46MB 3,419
Dominon Mod Michael Pantner 2.46MB 3,468
Antithesis Interstellar Machine 16.1MB 4,116
Concept : Future Alliance Race Concept: Future 5.82MB 4,189
Return of the Dominion Guest 8.64MB 3,009
Dominion UIltimate STGamerNew2002 12.1MB 9,325
Dominion Ultimate STGamerNew2002 16.1MB 19,409
ferengi addon sounds Guest 1.23MB 663
Borg Incursion 3 (Federation Side Only) Major A Payne 37.97MB 7,406
Dominion Transwarp Station STGamerNew2002 126.91MB 1,533
Dominion War Mod Part 1 United Federation of Modders 14.97MB 2,586
Dominion Ultimate 1.3 Update Patch STGamerNew2002 2.93MB 6,024
Dominion Ultimate 1.1 Update Patch STGamerNew2002 143.08MB 9,400
Dominion Ultimate 1.2 The Breen STGamerNew2002 143.5MB 9,778
Additional Dominion Stations & Workbee Ship STGamerNew2002 1.27MB 2,088
Ferengi Scavengers STGamerNew2002 11.66MB 2,454
Federation Upgrade (1.0) cookuup18 10.25MB 9,038
Federation Upgrade cookuup18 11.08MB 6,471
Dominion Ultimate 1.3.1 Correction Patch STGamerNew2002 3MB 5,200
Ferengi Scavengers Correction Patch STGamerNew2002 45KB 1,215
Romulan War Mod Demo Ch'Yu Chen 11.25MB 1,365
German Voice Patch for Romulan War Demo Ch'Yu Chen 5.1MB 236
Species X Mod Beta Yacuzza 3.78MB 1,271
Ultra Borg Mod V3.0 Yacuzza 13.62MB 3,348
Species 8472 Armada 3 Concept Yacuzza 4.23MB 1,651
Atheros Full Race Sherman2 12.17MB 1,708
Apocalypse Klingon race Transmission 3.03MB 1,468
Apocalypse Romulan race Transmission 2.22MB 1,757
Dominion Ultimate Extention Patch (EXE) STGamerNew2002 213.39MB 10,587
Tholian Race (TNG Era) Slider17 2.63MB 2,333
8472 Addon ArcherScott 171KB 224
Tholian TNG Era ShipImages ShadowBluegill 561KB 359
Tholian Race (TNG Era) Patch STGamerNew2002 5.75MB 624
Forerunner Race Ultimate Dragon 25.25MB 1,016
The Reman Rebellion - A Full Race Mod VenerableDread 39.3MB 1,516
The Reman Rebellion - Patch V1.1 VenerableDread 858KB 827
The Reman Rebellion - Special Weapon Hotfix VenerableDread 28KB 592
Earth Conflict apoclaydon 10.22MB 245
Vulcan Full Race dan1025 8.58MB 546
Alternate Earth mash1971 37.37MB 154
Vulcan Full Race dan1025 9.05MB 354
TMP Starfleet Full Race Addon Texxx 29.16MB 203