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Hero Ships Enterprise-B

This is a model of the Enterprise-B, breifley seen in ST: Generations. Unfortunately, only the model is included. You would have to ha...


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Hero Ships USS Incursion

This adds the USS incursion to your build list. The incusion is from the future and is found in other mods and Armada 1.


Hero Ships Enterprise E Mod

This is a simple mod that allows the Enterprise-E to be built in the Federation Advanced Shipyard.


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Hero Ships U.S.S. Enterprise D

Yet another nice mod by Luke :) This one gives Picard's voice to a galaxy class ship, I.E. it makes it the Enterprise D! :D


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Hero Ships Voyager

A nice model, complete with voices and all!


Hero Ships Enterprise E

Review report Bugs I found: NONE What I thought of i...


Hero Ships USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E

This is the USS. Enterprise 1701-E, with new sounds and a new model. It looks really good :)


Hero Ships The USS Titan and Enterprise F

This is the USS Enterprise F and a re-release of the Titan class form Armada 2.5. They both come complete with their own buildbuttons, wiref...


Hero Ships USS Enterprise-E Refit

This, in a nutshell, is a re-texture of the USS Enterprise E, but includes a new model and sounds. The ship now appears to be a very dark gr...


Hero Ships USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E Refit v2.0

This is Version 2 of Ambs Texture Refit of Michael Kellys enterprise-e refit this one includes borg assimilation textures, a very nice looki...


Hero Ships USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B

This is the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B Commanded by Captain John Harriman for Armada II.


Hero Ships USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D

This is an Enterprise-D (Star Trek: The Next Generation) For Aramda II


Hero Ships USS Endeavour

What we have here is the USS Endeavour NCC-71805. Although from first glance, many may think this a simple Nebula Class. However they would...


Hero Ships Enterprise J (Monarch Class)

This is your Enterprise J, as upgraded from the Manta class version of it. Whilst there is no different texture or mesh over the standard Mo...


Hero Ships USS Titan

Using the Luna Model / Mesh I uploaded a while back, seaquest3062 has created Rikers' USS Titan. It even has sounds and should be a worthy...


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Hero Ships Excalibur Hero Unit

This is the Starship Excalibur, the starship from the best selling New Frontier book series.


Hero Ships NCC 1701-B

The USS Enterprise-B (the one that comes after A, and before C) ;) This is an update to a previous file. Adding additional sounds, and in...


Hero Ships NCC 1701 Enterprise

This would be Kirk's Enterprise (the TOS one), not the TMP refit. This package, comes complete with everything. Borg Textures, Wireframe...


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Hero Ships Voyager Stock Model

Jabsticles claims this mod "is something for people who don't want to muck up their game much and just like the original textures". Are ther...


Hero Ships Stock Model Enterprise-D & Saucer/Stardrive

This mod allows you to use the stock Galaxy (and pretty much everything else from stock Galaxy) in order to represent the Enterprise-D. I sa...


Hero Ships Sovereign class

The Sovereign class has become a sort of master-course for the A2 modder. Whether a retexture or a build of the model, the Sovereign class s...


Hero Ships Enterprise compilation

Jabsticles has put together a mod compilation pack that puts all the starship classes named Enterprise in one easy to download place. The sa...


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