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Klingon Bird of Prey Class

This mod of the Bird of Prey does a better job of recreating the ones found in the Star Trek. One of the mods strong points would have to b...


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Klingon Chancellor Gowron's Negh'var

This mod doesn't really change anything on the neg'var class but adds new voice overs to it of Chancellor Gowron. It is always exciting hea...


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Klingon Cmd Kurn's Negh'var

This is similar to The Gowron Neg'var. It mostly just changes the voice overs with the great Cmd Kurn of the Klingon Empire


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Klingon Bird Of Prey Class

This is an update of the Bird Of Prey found here. Further Information can be found...


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Klingon TOS Klingon Compilation Ship Pack

From the readme: This is a TOS Klingon ship pack with the files for the movable wings bird of prey and the K't'inga class D7 upgrade...


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Klingon Brood Class

A good Klingon ship (We don't see a lot of these ;) ), but the texture could use a bit of work...


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Klingon Hydralask Class

The second of Mpenny2's 4 Klingon ships, it's an interesting design, but like the first, texture could use work.


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Klingon Mohecan Class

The third of Mpenny2's Klingon ships, this kind of looks like a BOP :)


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Klingon Wudja Class

A nice ship, but it looks pretty much like the Mohecian flipped upside down...


Klingon K'Vort

According to the odf, this is a larger and more powerful varient of the Bird Of Prey. It uses the standard texture of the BOP, though...


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Klingon Ghos'QIH Cruiser

A nice Klingon ship Originally by Kleotol, APCMmkII has converted them to A2!


Klingon K'Tek by Dark

K'Tek class ship by dark. Has 1070 Polies and one high-res Texture. This file contains the same ship for BOTH Armada 1 and 2, but the Filesi...


Klingon Klingon D7-refit Koloth

I'm not a paticular fan of Klingon ships, but I'm a sucker for the D7 class. It's the sleekest ship the Klingons ever manufactured, and t...


Klingon Kor Class

Nice 'futuristic' klingon ship - definately not traditional - textures could use a bit of work tho (they're stretched) - otherwise very g...


Klingon Animated Wings K'Vort Bird of Prey Class

This is a updated version of The Bird Of Pray. It has animated wings to allow for two modes, One for attacking and one for crusing/warp. The...


Klingon Vorcha class refit

This mods contains a Vorcha class refit. This mods add 2 additonal forward phasers, adds 4 additonal forward disrupters, faster firing photo...


Klingon Exoder Class

This is a Klingon starship that uses the sod from the Klingon shockwave shipyard, and makes it a cruiser without crew. A nice addition to an...


Klingon C8V Carrier and Klingon Fighter

This is an intresting looking Klingon ship that is a port from SFC2, and the model certainly shows it. It also includes a new speical weapon...


Klingon Klingon Heavy Frigate

A rather unusual Klingon design here. Taking elements of a few starships (some parts of it remind me of the Soyuz class starship, but thats...


Klingon TOS D7 & Kareli Variets

These have got to be by far some of the best D7 Models the Modeller Did a beautiful job, its balanced for TNG era so it is very powerful, he...


Klingon Sword Of Kahless

This Adds the Sword of Kahless from Armada 1 to your game :) very nice.


Klingon Voodieh Class

Nice Klingon Ship, Is lovely! :D MUST DOWNLOAD THIS!!!


Klingon Bird of Prey Revamp

From the Mail:I am Chiletrek and this is the revamp of the Klingon B'rel Class Bird of Prey (kdestroy). I made this because I always...


Klingon Klingon Negh'var Pack

This is a Negh'var class and Klingon Voodieh Variant in this pack from Supastarash.


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