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All Files In Star Trek: Armada II Klingons
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Klingons Klingon Orbital Base

This replaces the klingon metal miner with a newer more klingon looking one


Klingons Klingon Dilithium Refinery

This is an origional looking Klingon refinery that is a nice change of pace from the origional version. These stations can always be used as...


Klingons Klingon Trading Statoin

I have one thing to say about this trading station, and when I think of it I'll tell you. :D This is a great Klingon trading station, worth...


Klingons Klingon Shipyards

This file contains some Klingon Shipyards; See the readme for more information.


Klingons Defence Outpost

This a nice, quick, basic Klingon Structure which acts as a third turret for the Empire. Quite handy, and looks Klingon too ;) - SSA


Klingons Klingon Outpost

So, when the Klingons say they want something, it has to have two things: 1) It has to be big. 2) It has to have lots of weapons. Safe...


Klingons Klingon Orbital Station Retexture by Fireball

This is a retexture of the stock Klingon Orbital Mining station, it is being used as a place holder in my mod The Dawn of War (for Armada II...


Klingons Klingon Starbase

Re-texture of Achilles' AWESOME Klingon starbase from Art of War.


Klingons Klingon yard (1.0)

This is new version of the yard of the Klingons.


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