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All Files In Star Trek: Armada II Mini-War Maps
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Mini-War Maps MiniMart 1

This is an assault map that can have 8 players max. 1 team has its locations on the top, and the right spot, while the 2nd team has its loc...


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Mini-War Maps Minimart 2

This is another Assault map made by Cirus. It's basically Top Vs. Bottom, with a few wormholes thrown in :)


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Mini-War Maps Minimart 3

The 3rd in the MiniMart series, It supports 6 players this time, Top Vs. Bottom, and more Wormhole fun then the 2nd one :)


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Mini-War Maps Wolf 359

This is an Assault map that is a reinactment of the battle of Wolf 359, but with a twist... The Federation and Borg only have a few ship...


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Mini-War Maps Fleet War

This is an Assault map where 4 bases are spread in the corners of the map. The four species are Borg, Romulan, Federation, and Klingon. It...


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Mini-War Maps Sector 001

This is a map that will you answer the question, "What would happen if the borg launched an all out attack on Earth?" Up to 2 people can...


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Mini-War Maps MiniWar V2

An interesting map, Each person (Up to 4 players) has only 2 ships, thats it. It makes you think on how you are going to attack. Quite cha...


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Mini-War Maps YardWar 1

A Top-Vs.-Bottom map with, my favorite accessory, Wormholes! :) Each player, a total of 4 players, has 1 Adv. Shipyard and 1 Standard shipy...


Mini-War Maps Interstellar Prison

This is a nice map - but I'km confused by what its supposed to be used for - oh well, you decide :p.


Mini-War Maps Total Annihilation

I think this is a big battle map. Download and see :D.


Mini-War Maps Watch 4 Ferengi

Another map I know nothing about! Enjoy!


Mini-War Maps Borg vs. Feds Mini War

A cool mini war map, reminicsent of Wolf 359. The Borg start out at Mars and the Feds start at Earth. Once again, thumbs up to Bloodenator...


Mini-War Maps Mirror Worf 359

I got the idea for this map from William Shatner's novel "Star Trek: Dark Victory" in which he describes what happened in the mirro...


Mini-War Maps Fluidic Space Invasion

secrets in the map itself. Copied from the e-mail. I don't know as I haven't tried it out yet, but, it all sounds good to me...


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