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Miscellaneous CG Sovereign warp glows

This is a texture for the CG Sov by Jetfreak. It modifies the look of the warp grille. This is a texture fix for the 1.0 version but also re...


Miscellaneous Transparent Build Buttons

Fahres's compact Dream GUI, but it's not required.Visually, This actually does looks very nice. If your a federation fan your probably goin...


Miscellaneous Borg Retexture Pack

In this package you will find textures to revamp those stock Borg models. Some nice stuff from Pepecha. :cool:


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Miscellaneous Transparent Build Buttons II

OKay This is an another Release of Dark_Horizon & FahreS. Its the Transparent Buidl Button Pack Nr.II. It workds good with FahreS's Compact...


Miscellaneous Agean-Class Refit

please let me know. I also cleaned up the stock textures a bit. NOTE-The stock Agean-Class is needed for this to work!


Miscellaneous Aegean-Class Refit MkII

substitute the Nebula-Class repair team weapon so that this ship may repair the other ships in the fleet. I created this mod with the idea t...


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Miscellaneous Galaxy-Class MVAM

starship, that should not weaken the hulls on either section unless the undocking went wrong. This makes their hull integrities equal to the...


Miscellaneous Loading_new

Mod"Originals" The original files that came with the stock gameTo install just drop it in under textures/rgb and overwrite when asked.


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Miscellaneous Enhanced Orbital Facility

This mod makes the Orbital Facility less defenseless. It can now stand on its own against hostile attackers.


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Miscellaneous Defiant/Incursion-Class adjustment

phasers creating two different fire rates that have a slight delay between them.


Miscellaneous Borg Cube with Detachable Sphere

1.2.5 patch is required for this to work. A neat idea. Worth a look. :cool:


Miscellaneous Modified Federation Phasers(FO)

standard federation phasers in Fleet Operations roughly 40% thinner, and hopefully satisfy the artistic needs of all us picky modders.Enjoy!...


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Miscellaneous Mini canon

times more time to reload. This when combined with same hit to miss ratio makes missed shots much more penalizing (as your ship needs to wai...


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Miscellaneous Incubation Centre Holding Beam (FO 3.1.4)

This will allow the Incubation Centre for the 'Assimilate' avatar to be upgraded with a stationary Holding Beam.If you're a F...


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Miscellaneous Missing textures for R5D5s Ship Pack 2

There is one thing I especially like about modders: Whenever they accidentally release something incomplete or incorrect, the fix is...


Miscellaneous Fleet Ops menu style for stock Armada II

complete with buttons, animations and sound effects. Please check if i forgot anything and report.


Miscellaneous Resource Moon Retexture

A small group of textures to replace the Resource Moons with a 'tinted asteroid' (regular moons) and a frozen asteroid (ice moons) version.


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Miscellaneous Mining Beam icons (FO 3.1.5)

A small odf change that puts an icon on the Unit Interface for the Mining freighters signature equipment.Copy and paste, with changes to onl...


Miscellaneous Federation Fleet Ops Mix Tech Yard Patriotic Retexture

terms in the readme as my permission is very conditional.


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Miscellaneous NCIS Vessel

familiar to NCIS fans.A fleet of them can engage a formidable foe or cause heavy damage to enemy bases.


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ODF Mods Super Defiant

This is a normal defiant, but uhh, super. It has improved shields, quantum torpedoes, and ablative armor. It also has a cloaking device.


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ODF Mods Cloakble Federation Construction Ship

Yet another of Luke's minor fixes :) A creative twist to the construction ship, this is definetly worth a download :)


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ODF Mods Construction ship warp

nice, simple mod that allows construction ships to warp


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ODF Mods Edits Ship Pack

Makes some of the federation ships stronger and gives them better firepower (eg - the sovereign class not has an extra pulsar and a few othe...