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ODF Mods Owned Class Starship

This is a "Owned" class destroyer, for Armada II. The ship is of a fast, sleak design, but I'm not too keen on the name. Still, a good sh...


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ODF Mods Faster Sphere

Are you bored of slow Borg Spheres? Well here's the cure. This makes the sphere go much faster.


ODF Mods Excalibur ODF Mod

A ODF edit for the Excaliber class Starship by Porty.


ODF Mods USS Stargazer

Now that we have some pictures, I can do an enhanced review, so here it comes! It's a modified ODF including special weaponary but it kee...


ODF Mods Inter-Weapon

From the glance I took, it is an ODF enhancement that makes the Intrepid class...strong. This, of course, being an understatement. Quite lit...


ODF Mods USS Voyager

This is the "second" (although the readme states first, we got this second in) mod by Sam, going along the lines of the ODF modifications....


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ODF Mods Long Range Sensors

As the readme file says "This is a long range sensor for all races. This mod will let you see the entire screen with just one sensor."...


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ODF Mods E4 Phasers

An phaser ODF mod. The author neglected to enclose any screenshots when he submitted this.


ODF Mods Day of Reckoning MOD

This is the developers first mod, and I have to say its fairly good. While he has used stock models for everything which I know some people...


ODF Mods Realistic Defiant Mod

This is a small mod that makes the defiant more powerful, on par with what was shown in the TV series rather than how it was shown ingame.


ODF Mods Cube Feast

What we have here is a new mod that alters the Borg side, quite dramatically really. After looking through it, I have mixed feelings into...


ODF Mods Griffin Refit

This edits the stock Griffin to fire 4 very powerful pulse disruptors at the expense of the sensor jammer it originally carried. A nice idea...


ODF Mods Starfinder update

This is a ODF mod for the Starfinder released recently.


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ODF Mods Codah Mod

I'm not quite sure where the term "codah" comes from, but it's the theme of this mod making the powerful even more so by the generous eq...


ODF Mods Jomad Class

This is an edited stock Aegian class whose ODF has been edited to the new "Jomad Class". She has 3000 crew, altered weapons and I believe...


ODF Mods Shield Remodulation mod

With this being called the shield remodulation mod you might (reasonably) be expecting this to have something to do with shield remodulation...


ODF Mods Static wave

The static wave renders everything around it static. I can hardly claim to be estatic to see this (forgive the pun) but its quite a lot bet...


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ODF Mods Buildable planets

This mod allows you to build all the stock planets.


ODF Mods Computer override wave

In addition to the other wave special weapons he has turned out in the past comes the computeroverride wave. For those that aren't famil...


ODF Mods Ship Constructor

Well, if I'm understanding this correctly, it's a Construction Ship that builds Starships (save you building shipyards first). - SSA


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ODF Mods 8472 Mother Dreadnaught

This is a supremely unbalanced ODF mod for species 8472. It creates a Dreadnought with the impulse speed of a scout, weapons exceeding the...


ODF Mods "canon" Borg Assimilator adjustment

This is a alteration to the stock assimilator that makes it more powerful and changes the textures a bit, as seen in the screenshots below.


ODF Mods Ghost's Comp and Dominion Ultimate Combination Files

This file contains the necessary files allowing you to blow up your enemy with either the enhanced Federation against the modded Dominion, v...


ODF Mods Defiant and Diamond Stock HP Maps

Can anyone say useful? I certainly can and this certainly is. For those unsure, hp's or 'hardpoints' are the locations on craft where whe...