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Miscellaneous Mini-mod 1

Hey fellow Armada players. I'm releasing my first mod for Armada 2. Here are the current changes: Incursion cla...


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Miscellaneous AI Fusion Scripts

This allows the AI now to get fusions. This will exciten the boaring skirmishes up. You just need to select where your a2 folder is and th...


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Miscellaneous Officer Increase

This allows you to control more ships in your fleet


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Miscellaneous Warp Core Breach Enhancement Mod

This a nice little addon to add more kick to your Steamrunners special. This mod makes the Engine overload special to do damage to the engi...


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Miscellaneous Nebula Mod

This is a simple mod that will allow you to build inside nebulas. Cool idea, and it works.


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Miscellaneous Assimilatable Cloak

This mod makes the Cloak assimilatable. Cloaking TFCs, here we come!


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Miscellaneous Moon Maker

When people start coming out with mods that allow for the formation things that give resources, you know that that game has had the crap hac...


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Miscellaneous Empires 2 Tech Tree Patch

This fixes a small problem in Empires 2's Tech Tree


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Miscellaneous Time Bubble

This is a variation of the Temporal Distortion weapon.


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Miscellaneous Alternate Temporal Rift Sound

This is a different Temporal Rift sound, that is much longer than the original. Good, but repetitive...


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Miscellaneous Resource Collecting Mod

A small mod that makes the Federation "Mine faster than ever before," or so Claes says ;)


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Miscellaneous Borg Voiceover

Don't like the Borg voices in A2? Prefer the A1 ones? Mike74656 has you covered! This replaces the A2 Borg voices with the A1 ones.


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Miscellaneous 8472 Spy Mod

This I like. Here's the description from the Readme: After testing done in the Delta Quadrant the 8472 spies have been perfected....


Miscellaneous A1 8472 BB

Whilst this is quite basic and doesn't "do anything", I think it's pretty darn good. All the ships from A2 of which were under the comma...


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Miscellaneous Armada 2 ODF Replacements

Replacements for ODF's in Armada 2


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Miscellaneous Self Destruct Mod

Ever get that urge to just blow up your Starbase? This mod will add the Self Destruct function to Starbases.


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Miscellaneous Borg Build Buttons Addon

Replaces the default Borg Build Buttons in Armada 2.


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Miscellaneous Wreckage Mod

This makes it so that the wreckage from destroyed ships stays in space longer than usual. The author suggests that you back-up the file t...


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Miscellaneous Realistic Crew

This mod makes more realistic crew accomodations for most standard ships and stations and also resizes many of the ships to more realistic s...


Miscellaneous 12 D and J Class Planets

Here are twelve more cool planets from the usual planet master, Twich. These are D and J class planets. One J Class planet is even made usin...


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Miscellaneous Romulan Phase Cloak

This gives the Romulan race a phase cloak ability to hopeully help them since they aren't exactly the stronget race.


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Miscellaneous Phase Cloak

This changes the regular cloak to a phase cloak. Note: You have to give the phase cloak to a certain ship/station manually, this does no...


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Miscellaneous Shuttle Bay Mod

Nice model again by Jon Mears - does the same as the first with a few improvements. Also the docking looks more realistic as well as two ot...


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Miscellaneous Construction Ship warpdrive

This mod gives your Construction, Cargo, and Miners Ship warp drive. what else is there to say.


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