Star Trek: Armada II

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Mini-mod 1 James Bryant 64KB 160
AI Fusion Scripts Kleotol 660KB 1211
Officer Increase Trekkie 197 7KB 1743
Warp Core Breach Enhancement Mod Anakin Solo 2KB 581
Nebula Mod Karl Truscott 7KB 673
Assimilatable Cloak 8of5 252KB 1093
Moon Maker Captain Future 145KB 505
Empires 2 Tech Tree Patch FGX 51KB 476
Time Bubble Captain Future 220KB 219
Alternate Temporal Rift Sound Space Man 1.2MB 168
Resource Collecting Mod ClaesStefan 3KB 194
Borg Voiceover Mike74656 2.57MB 576
8472 Spy Mod Omega1989 352KB 465
A1 8472 BB scarlatti27 225KB 104
Armada 2 ODF Replacements Chris Edmund 661KB 381
Self Destruct Mod Mr. Map 9KB 258
Borg Build Buttons Addon Thunderhawk 448KB 378
Wreckage Mod Capt_Reynolds 3KB 783
Realistic Crew Capt_Reynolds 336KB 426
12 D and J Class Planets Twitch 2.52MB 235
Romulan Phase Cloak Gee-Funk 36KB 197
Phase Cloak Gee-Funk 1KB 235
Shuttle Bay Mod Guest 327KB 871
Construction Ship warpdrive Guest 455KB 1356
Shield Fix Iggy 127KB 925
New Armada II Splash Screen by StompaWompa stompawampa 180KB 138
Damar's Tractor Beam Mod Damar 2KB 199
Damar's Addon Mod Damar 19KB 246
A2 Upgrade Project 1.5.1b - Borg Pack Curtis 23.85MB 2346
Alien Omega A2 Chiletrek 282KB 423
Pro-Filer's Birthday Mod FileTrekker 241KB 80
swbases Guest 14KB 119
Four Suns for A2 vt1032 1018KB 549
Armed Planet Twitch 369KB 951
Klingon Voices From A1 seanabooth 3.1MB 317
Dilithium Moon Retexture Twitch 124KB 206
Fluidic Space Textures Guest 582KB 108
Borg Voices From A1 seanabooth 2.52MB 380
Romulan Voices From A1 seanabooth 2.93MB 219
Fluidic Space Textures bryarpatchsean 2.92MB 182
Babylon 5 Armada II Pach 1.0.1 Rivendell Studios 224KB 7119
High Guard Mini Mod Chris Edmund 2.51MB 547
3,000 Ship Names Twitch 15KB 575
10 Resource Moons Twitch 1.23MB 354
Borg Textures for Nova Class Lt_Commander 1.31MB 385
Borg Textures for P81 Sovereign Lt_Commander 1.63MB 413
Federation Ship Names and Registries ChiefBrex 5KB 755
Dom Ult Update Correction Patch STGamerNew2002 5KB 810
Dominion War Mod Part 2 United Federation of Modders 12.25MB 1137
A2 Map Backgrounds Twitch 2.99MB 420