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Miscellaneous Shield Fix

This is a little shield fix made by me (Iggy) that will eliminate those funky blue lines that rotate around a ship or station when its shiel...


Miscellaneous New Armada II Splash Screen by StompaWompa

This replaces the default Ar,ada 2 splash screen with Stompa's.... it is comes in high res and low res


Miscellaneous Damar's Tractor Beam Mod

This adds tractor beams to all ships except the tactical fusion cube. All ships now have shield protection.


Miscellaneous Damar's Addon Mod

1.All ships and stations have shieldprotection (there hull, systems will not be damaged and crew won't die until shields are offl...


Miscellaneous A2 Upgrade Project 1.5.1b - Borg Pack

This is another A2U retexture pack done by Curtis. As being part of the A2U project I'll let you rate this file. This time he is bringing...


Miscellaneous Alien Omega A2

This is essentaly two mods rolled into one. Firstly it adds a non-playable race known as "Ailen" that came from Armada 1, that is very usefu...


Miscellaneous Pro-Filer's Birthday Mod

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRO-FILER This mod is for Pro-Filers birthday (congrats pro). Pro-Filer is the man who created FilesNetwork and al...


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Miscellaneous swbases

First impressions are, to be honest, not impressive, but this is the authers first mod. It adds special weapons to the borg,cardassian,kling...


Miscellaneous Four Suns for A2

These are four new very cool looking suns for Armada 2. There are 4 types of suns- a blue, red and white dwarf- dead bodies with no heat gen...


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Miscellaneous Armed Planet

This nice little mod gives planets surface weapons, that attack enemy starships :) it adds more depth to the game IMO. A nice feature.


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Miscellaneous Klingon Voices From A1

This file will change the klingon voices in A2 to those from A1. :)


Miscellaneous Dilithium Moon Retexture

new textures for the dilithium moons in Armada 2, slightly larger too


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Miscellaneous Fluidic Space Textures

This just changes the fluidic space texture color. Its been changed so it kinda looks like being in a cloud or water. Also includes a black...


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Miscellaneous Borg Voices From A1

This will give the Borg in Armada II the voices from Armada I :D


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Miscellaneous Romulan Voices From A1

This will give the Romulans in Armada II the voices from Armada I


Miscellaneous Fluidic Space Textures

This is a fluidic space texture redone and 2 extra textures for the map editor.


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Miscellaneous Babylon 5 Armada II Pach 1.0.1

This is a pach for the Babylon 5 Armada II mod available Here. This should fix a f...


Miscellaneous High Guard Mini Mod

This mod changes the Federation into the High Guard. Mod originally by Wrath


Miscellaneous 3,000 Ship Names

3,000 NEW ship and station names for A1 or A2. A list of ship names for people making mods.


Miscellaneous 10 Resource Moons

Adds 10 harvestable moons to Armada 2


Miscellaneous Borg Textures for Nova Class

These are fully lit and node lit textures for Michael Kelly's Nova Class


Miscellaneous Borg Textures for P81 Sovereign

Fully lit borg textures for Pneumonic81's Sovereign Class mod


Miscellaneous Federation Ship Names and Registries

This is a list of Federation ship names that include registry numbers.


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Miscellaneous Dom Ult Update Correction Patch

This has the mssing Dominion Advanced Station SOD & ODF for STGamerNew2002's Dominion Ultimate 1.1 and just needs to be added to the direct...


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