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Miscellaneous Dominion War Mod Part 2

This seccond part of the second Dominion war mod contains the Klingon and Cadassian side.


Miscellaneous A2 Map Backgrounds

This lets you use the map backgrounds from Armada I in a Armada II map.


Miscellaneous Wreck

These are wrecked ships/stations you can place in your maps that have resources. :)


Miscellaneous Bio-Matter Nebulas

If a species can collect bio-matter (e.g species 8472), this mod allows them to get it from these nebulas.


Miscellaneous Tom Bloomberg's Multimod

This is a multimod of different mods, with more realistic Photon Torpedos for the Intrepid, new mapbackground from Bridge Commander, Borg Cu...


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Miscellaneous Federation Shipnames

Version 3 of the shipnames and registries for federation ships. Includes 1299 names and registries for the following classes: Akira Class...


Miscellaneous 5,000 ship names

Word document with over 5,000 new ship and station names- 1,500 new since the last version.


Miscellaneous Subspace Background

replace the in-game space background seen while playing Armada II with this one.


Miscellaneous 12 Wild Planets

This mod gives you 12 armed planets for use in Armada 2.


Miscellaneous Blue Starfield Background

A very good looking Star Trek: Armada 2 background from Tom Bloomberg


Miscellaneous Intrepid HP Upgrade

The intrepid shields have been enhanced along with the recharge rate.


Miscellaneous Real Transwarp Mod

Real Transwarp S618_18741 Introduction I made this mod because the transwarp in the game looked rubbish. T...


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Miscellaneous Assimilation Mod Mod

This is a mod of the assimilation mod by Trekkie9. Check it out if you want.


Miscellaneous Honey, I Blue Up My Shields

Yep, Edmund has done it again and come up with a fantastic name for this mod, but unfortunatly he didnt test it out! I gave it a quick spin,...


Miscellaneous Armada II Tractor Beam Mod

This mod changes the game so all ships have shield protection, and all ships except for (tactical) fusion cubes have a tractor beam.


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Miscellaneous RSS: Trek Authentic

This is Mr. Matt's first mod in a while, RSS: Trek Authentic. Matt used accurate figures taken from raw data directly from the Daystrome Ins...


Miscellaneous Concept : Future Full Mod Sounds Addon v1.00

This addon adds some nice music to the game. Created to be used alongside the Concept : Future Full Mod. However, I think that this could be...


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Miscellaneous Twich1's Deathstar Buttions And Wireframe Mod

These are build buttons and Wireframes for all of Twich's Deathstarts by STGamerNew2002. This is a nice addition to Twich's mod if you hav...


Miscellaneous Star Hawks Armada 2 Spiceup Mod

This mod for Armada 2 will "spice up" the game by changeing the balence of things a little ;) It takes alot longer and takes more resources...


Miscellaneous 10 moons

by the looks of this file it is an updated verson of the 10 moons mod from 12/03. The models look ok so try it out you can get dilithium, me...


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Miscellaneous sample mod from Star Trek Armada 2.5 #1

is a small 2 ship sample mod from "Star Trek Armada 2.5"


Miscellaneous RSS3: Trek Authentic

This is the latest in the RRS: Trek Authentic Series created by Matt_el_g, aimed to make the game as cannon as possible but in as small a fi...


Miscellaneous different credits

this changes the credits and adds the cheats into the credits


Miscellaneous Equinox Soundpack

This is a pack of selection sounds that are made to be used in an Equinox mod. The readme includes instructions on how to add the sounds to...


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