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All Files In Star Trek: Armada II Modifications
Modifications Dominion Wars

A new 10 mission campaign for the federation!


Modifications Peaceful Generations (Beta)

Well Ladies & Gents, this is the Beta Package for Peaceful Generations. Looking through the files (upon extract) a nice set of ships have be...


Modifications Midnight Universe Package

An excellent addition to Armada II here folks. The pictures show for the wonders that it is. The map backgrounds taken from Star Trek: Le...


Modifications Wheller's Ship Pack

Well... quite simply, this is adding new ships, using stock models... Nothing that.. 'brilliant' here, however one could hope to see more...


Modifications Jetfreak's Minimod

Well, this small mod add's Bussard Collectors to the Iwo Jima, and makes the Intrepid Class stronger (giving her Quantums, the ability to d...


Modifications Fast Ship Building

This little modification is quick ship building... REALLY quick ship building. You can see from the screenshots alone, that by using this, y...


Modifications Star Trek Armada II - Beginnings

This is a little teaser pack for the eagerly anticipated Star Trek Armada 2: Beginnings. "Beginnings" or otherwise known as the "4 days war"...


Modifications Midnight Universe

Unexpected. That's the word that springs to mind when playing this mod (and no, I'm not just a fan of one word intros). Unexpected in arriva...


Modifications Midnight Universe

"Unexpected." - That's the first word in Joelteon's review of version 1.01 of Yacuzza's Midnight Universe mod. Same thing cam...


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Modifications Romulan Starship Database

Need a new name for that Romulan supervessel you've been working on? Maybe you're just sick of blowing up the third D'deridex of the same...


Modifications MVAM Mod by Thun

Ah, the Prometheus class starship since "Message In a Bottle", no ship has been more talked about in Trek, or more controversial. A p...


Modifications thunderfoot006's SP Campaign Teaser

So you think you've done it all with A2. You've played more hours multiplayer and instant action in the years since A2's release than you...


Modifications KOTR addon for SWFC

This is the long awaited KOTR mod. It adds the ships seen in hugely popular Star Wars RPG Knights Of The Old Republic to the existing Star...


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Modifications Borg .ODF mod

This small mod gives you new odf files for the: -Borg Cube -Borg Fusion Cube -Borg Tactical Cube -Borg Tactical Fusion Cube


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Modifications Dynamic music - proof of concept

The story goes, Freyr knew he could put this together in a way that made sense. So he decided to go ahead and submit this as proof of concep...


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Modifications AoW 1.4 beta

This is a temporary upload of Achilles' Art of War 1.4 beta version, intended for his use. :cool:


Addons Borg Textures 2

This is a pack of borg textures for individual mods for A2. It will give borg textures to the NX Class, Danube, excelsior refit and The Dau...


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Addons Small Imperial Addon

This is a mini mod for Sta2 it adds in some Imperial ships and stations from my upcoming mod. The models are used from the SWvsST tea...


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Addons Small Imperial Addon Upgrade

This mod upgrades the mini mod with more power for both stations and ships


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Addons Armada2 Refit Mod

This is a MOD for Star Trek Armada II, it changes the weapons, shields, build times and resource costs of some ships and stations.


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Addons All Race Assault Class Improver

This increases the power that assault ships have on opponents and shielding thier own defenses


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Addons Federation Cruiser Refit

This improves the federations cruiser fleet with a more power aresenal of torpedos and phasers


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Addons Galaxy Refit

This refits the games original galaxy odf with a new one. The new galaxy is a war machine. It has the borg holding beam and transwarpdrive,...


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Addons Light Cruiser Refit

This mod enhances the weapons on the Defiant, Saber, Venture, and Iwo Jima Class Starships