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ODF Mods Super Defiant

This is a normal defiant, but uhh, super. It has improved shields, quantum torpedoes, and ablative armor. It also has a cloaking device.


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ODF Mods Cloakble Federation Construction Ship

Yet another of Luke's minor fixes :) A creative twist to the construction ship, this is definetly worth a download :)


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ODF Mods Construction ship warp

nice, simple mod that allows construction ships to warp


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ODF Mods Edits Ship Pack

Makes some of the federation ships stronger and gives them better firepower (eg - the sovereign class not has an extra pulsar and a few othe...


ODF Mods Galaxy Class upgrade

Just adds some more weapons to the galaxy class in order to make it more powerfulas far as i can see. You're gonna need to have a little bo...


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ODF Mods Sneaky

This pack includes the super spy ships I have been making for a few months.


ODF Mods Venture refit

If you know anything about modding Armada, then turn away now. This file is somthing "you could do in your sleep", however, it is usefull fo...


ODF Mods Federation Ship Update

This file give the Sabre, Defiant, Akira, Intepid, Steamrunner, Aegian, Galaxy, and Nebula class starships Quantum Torpedos and Self Destruc...


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ODF Mods Enhanced Sovereigns

This mod replaces the sovereign with either the "enhanced sovereign" or the "super sovereign". Which makes it more powerful and have mor...


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ODF Mods Enhanced Defiant Class

A mod to replace the defiant class with this version.


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ODF Mods Movie Mod Fed Ships v2.0

This mod will update the federation stock ships, this patch will update the older version


ODF Mods Federation Construction Ship

This adds a new Federation constructor ship that builds ships, looks slightly different, and is modified for combat.


ODF Mods Automated Repair Ship

This is a mini-mini-mod that changes the repair ship to have weapons and removes the crew. This is the author's first mod, and this is a go...


ODF Mods Omega X Class

The 'strongest federation ship ever built'. It is said that it can beat any ship in one on one combat. Oops, I forgot to mention that it...


ODF Mods Aeon Class Ship ODF replacement

Here is a ODF replacement for captain fingers Aeon time ship, check it out for a more futuristic ship. Get the original timeship[url=ht...


ODF Mods IMOD Phaser

Here is a cool weapon, its the IMOD from Star Trek Elite Force, but now its built to be put on ships. Finally a weapon the borg cannot ada...


ODF Mods S31's Construction ship

This is the basic construction ship but with a twist. It builds a new research station that augments the Federation with Romulan wea...


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ODF Mods No Crew Mod

An odf mod that gives the ORIGINAL ships and stations in Armada 2 the option to have no crew.


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ODF Mods Quick Orbital Processing Facility

A simple modification of the orbit time of an orbital station, this replaces the orbital.odf file in your odf/stations folder.


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ODF Mods Advanced Defiant Mod

This Adds Cloaking Device and Quantum Torpedos to the Defiant. Its the developers first Mod, might want to turn Caps Lock off next time ;)


ODF Mods Federation Defender

The Federation found a derelict 8472 Defender and took it back to Starfleet HQ. They decided to have it made into one of thier own ships. T...


ODF Mods UNSC Frigate .ODF pack

This is a three-pack of .ODFs that use the same basic .SOD --Admiral_Icehawk's UNSC Frigate, from Halo. This one includes copies of the .SOD...


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ODF Mods Cerberus Upgrade

THis Modifies the Cerberus Class with more weapons, A LOT more weapons ;)


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ODF Mods Adv Defiant

This is another interesting mod by otwolverine that makes the Defiant a little more costly in regards to dilithium and metals. This mod als...


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