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Other Libra

Great station that you can add to any race. Personally i would add it to the borg cause it would fit in the best


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Other Hypergate

A cool design by Terradyhne of a Gate that acts like a Transwarp portal :)


Other Unity Station

This is the Unity Station seen in Starfleet Command 3. Excellent Job on this Atlantis :)


Other Advanced Dominion Fortress

This adds a stronger fortress with advanced weapons to the Dominion race.


Other Dominion Transwarp Gate Mod

This is the SMALLER SIZE installation version of the Dominion's Transwarp Portal Gate Station. It has the same subspace traveling technolog...


Other Unity Starbase

This is the Unity starbase. The difference between this one and the other one is the ODF, and the author stated that he "got the textures to...


Other Zarland Base

This is a Zarland base. It is a large stricture with a base structure of a circular pod surrounded by a large ring being heald in place by t...


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Other Realistic Bases 1.3

Update to the Realistic Bases mod


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Other Vulcan Research Institute

This mod removes your Research Facility & Science Station and replaces them with the Vulcan Research Institute, which has all the research p...


Other P Fleet

Star Trek: The Pirkinning gets another addition to the world of Armada with the second release for the "P Fleet". This version is touted a...


Other Bajoran Starbase

Neat idea from CanadianBorg-- a Bajoran starbase. Based on an asteroid (as Bajoran bases probably would have to be, someplace nice and hidde...


Other Bajoran Starbase

Gotta hand it to CanadianBorg on this one. Starting from yesterday's upload (that was fast) he's put together a second version of the Bajora...


Other Mercenary Pack

New pirate stuff from CanadianBorg. The raider is a kitbash of stock ships, and the station is a variation on a theme he's been working all...


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