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Star Wars Rebel Alliance-X-wing starfighter

A great looking addition to armada2. This mod was very nicely done and preforms good in the game. I only wish the build botton ect was the...


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Star Wars Rebel Alliance-Y-wing starfighter

this is the addition to his great x-wing mod. Not as much fun as the x-wing but hey who can complain when you can play star wars ships in a...


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Star Wars Trade Federation Droid Fighter

This ship is great when u have alot of them. Its isn't big but when u get enough they become a real threat!


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Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer

Ever wonder who would win a battle if you put a Star Destroyer vs a borg cube or FC? Well here is your chance to duke out a famous battle...


Star Wars X-Wing

This is an updated X-Wing for A2. Nicely done.


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Star Wars DeathStar

The death star in this mod comes from the stvssw mod. The pulse phaser was created by "Jc". The fumod phaser was created by "CaptainFut...


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Star Wars Slave 1

This is a nicely modeled Slave 1 by Borg124. Worth a download if you're a Star Wars buff, but you need a little modding experience to use...


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Star Wars Cloaking X-Wing

From the readme:This mod gives the federation a buffed up cloakable xwing. It can be built from the normal ship yard. Kin...


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Star Wars Republic Star Destroyer

well hear is a new ship for SW:FC the Republic Star Destroyer


Star Wars Heavy Corvette

another high detail ship for SW:FC yes it si the Heavy Corvette sorry but i am nto in to starwars so cant rely rate it


Star Wars Victory 3 for Federation

This is the Victory 3 mod for the Federation in Armada 2. It was created this to fill the gap in between the Victory 2/MC80a and ISD/MC...


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Star Wars Victory 3 for Federation 1.1

This is an updated version of the Victory 3 for Federation mod that Captain Steve relesed back in July. It has some major fixes. It adds mis...


Star Wars Raptor Ion BattleCruiser Mark 2

A nice little ship. Really like this one. This will overite the the Raptor Ion Battleship for the Rebels and make a Kick-The Imperials in th...


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Star Wars Billy9's X-wing

An X-wing with Ion Cannons... hmm, I thought thats what B-wings were for...


Star Wars Lambda Shuttle (SW)

Heres the Lambda shuttle from star wars, an interesting model, but you will need to make your own odfs to use it.


Star Wars STW Fighter Pack

The STW Episode 2 Delta-7 aethersprite Jedifighter and the Rebel Assault 2 V38 TIE-Phantom.


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Star Wars JediStarfighter

This is an entertaining mod, allowing you to add ships of the Star Wars Prequel era. The installation details are quite detailed so install...


Star Wars Slave 1 - Starfleet Cargo Vessel/Fighter

This is a new Cargo Vessel / Fighter for Star Trek Armada II. Enjoy!


Star Wars Ravager

This is a Star Wars ship, that has been credted to be built by the Federation. Though it is in the Star Wars category, she is made to fit in...


Star Wars Aurek Fighter

A fighter to go along side the Sith Interdictor that we had not so long ago. You can't really see it too well in the screenshots, so I've...


Star Wars Sith Interdictor

I'm assuming this is a Star Wars sip, going by the 'Sith' part of the file name. Regardless, a nice little addition here, and as it would...


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Star Wars Republic Hammerhead

This is the Star Wars cruiser featured in Knights Of The old Republic, named due to the hammerhead style of the ship. I don't recall heari...


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Star Wars Republic Light Cruiser

This is the light cruiser that is shown in formation with the "Hammerhead" ship at the battle of the Starforge, and other places in the KO...


Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer

Ok, even though this is a simple Mesh (and not Armada II ready) it has got to be the best Star Destroyer model avaliable for A2, SFC or BC....


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