Star Trek: Armada II
TNG, DS9, VOY and Future

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
P81 Sovereign Michael Kelly 1.81MB 4829
Cereberus Seven Is Mine 1.2MB 2093
Dauntless Pneumonic81 A.K.A. Rick Knox 1.36MB 7040
Worf's Defiant Guest 1.39MB 1711
Delta Flyer Spectre 140KB 6406
Prometheus Class Deemon 3.11MB 20481
Buildable Incursion Class Omega1989 33KB 2443
Norway Deemon 1.59MB 5649
Relativity Commander Sotoni 110KB 2274
Premonition Ryan Linehan 474KB 4957
Halo Class Storm 328KB 1272
Nova Class Spectre 534KB 5822
Eximus Class Cleeve and ACPM 1.69MB 3448
Warhammer Class APCMmkII 175KB 765
Aeon Timeship Captain Fingers 235KB 2763
Sovereign V3 Dawn 1.77MB 3019
Keokuk Class Interstellar Machine 198KB 213
Galaxy V2 Dawn 2.38MB 1902
Akira Class Guest 1.61MB 2837
Excelsior B Dawn 1.4MB 3835
Brandy Class Beta vt1032 429KB 654
Major Payne's Incursion Class Major A Payne 119KB 1156
Nautiluss Class vt1032 1.1MB 1614
AVM SC-4 Captain Fingers 1024KB 1986
Normandy Class Tim "The Geek" Underbakke 163KB 754
AVM SC-4 Ted H 730KB 3295
Sabre Class Redragon and APCM 329KB 505
Danube Class Redragon and APCM 370KB 2933
Sarver Class Variants Interstellar Machine 412KB 531
ATL Sabre ATLantis Project 1.04MB 2373
Arcadia Class Redragon and APCM 528KB 1141
Federation Colony Ship Replacement Guest 66KB 967
Katum Class Interstellar Machine 174KB 416
Wells Class Admiral Thompkins 146KB 2018
Galaxy X Admiral Thompkins 452KB 5249
Katum Class Interstellar Machine 231KB 173
Ambassador Class Porty 1.42MB 10160
Armored Voyager LeOmAn 214KB 8811
Raven Class Captain Fingers 293KB 825
Federation Holoship APCMmkII 613KB 1592
AVM Rhode Island Ted H 881KB 5796
Anomie Class Interstellar Machine 254KB 1225
Dawnstar Class Redragon and APCM 2.69MB 3386
Opaka Class Wraith 686KB 629
Post-TNG Discovery Class Terradyhne 394KB 326
Federation Ship Pack Iggy 304KB 1444
Constellation Class Captain Fingers 540KB 4074
AVM|Hellfire Class Ted H 162KB 988