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Tutorials Milk Shape Tutorial

This was added to the WBBM as a new chapter. It is a great tutorial abou texturing in Milk Shape and includes pictures and everyting


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Tutorials Smooth Physics Tutorial

This is a greta tutorial on how to create smoother and more realistic mods so that the people using your mod are more satisfied


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Tutorials Transparent Parts Tutorial

This is an Tutorial which explains how to make transparent parts in ST Armada 2 ships.


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Tutorials Planning & Starting a mod

This is great outline for what you need to know before starting on your mod


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Tutorials 1500 Ship Names

Having trouble thinking of a ship or station name for your new mod?Well this is just right to solve your delema


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Tutorials Add Ships To The Map Editor

This is a tutorial on how to place new items in the Map Editor. From Payne himself: Basically I noticed a thread on Armada Universe...


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Tutorials Trickster's Map Making Tutorial

Ever wanted to make maps? Our friend Trickster from Armada Universe made a Map Making tu...


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Tutorials Editing Maps

a nice little tutorial sweldon put together for us, now maybe it will be easier for people to make maps :D so anyone who wants maps, down...


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Tutorials Westworld's Big Book Of Modding

Better late then never I guess ;) This is THE Source for any modding problems you ever have. Essentially, the Modders' Bible :...


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Tutorials Map editor FAQ

compressed version of the map maker FAQ


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Tutorials Strategies Tutorial

I'll just pot the whole tutorial right here for all you folks who don't want to bother downloading what you can just read here :D -- -- -...


Tutorials TTL3DBT&JRT

Before you wonder what the hell is wrong with the name, it's quite a long one... "This is the Transparent Textures, LightMaps, 3D Borg Te...


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This isn't a mod, but a tutorial in PDF format, on how to add or modify game objects located in the single-player campaign. While this is a...


Tutorials Milkshape 3D SOD Tutorial

This is a simple tutorial byu Major A Payne to show you how to add hps to your model in milkshape and export them using the new plugins, Gre...


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Tutorials Multiple Game Copies with Registry Editing

A good tutorial on how to run multiple copies of your Armada II game by editing the registry. The author claims that 75 copies of the game c...


Tutorials Armada 2 GUI Tutorial

This is a nice GUI tutorial from Ch'Yu Chen that comes complete with written and photo instructions. It also includes the files neccary to...


Tutorials Texture Tutorial by Wrath of Achilles

This is an excelent tutorial by Wrath of Achilles that will give you the basics of making textures and texturing models. It includes picture...


Tutorials No Intro Animations

This is a tutorial that will allow you to disable the intro animation in Armada II, an option that should have been available in the game re...


Tutorials Build Button, Wireframe and Admirals Pic Tutorial

Well, I would give details for those who need it, but for those who have come to trust me: DON'T BOTHER READING THE REST OF THE REVIEW, JUS...


Tutorials Map Background Tutorial

I had a quick look at this before and it does look pretty decent. Using text and diagrams, where necessary, it gives a concise and logical s...


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Tutorials Minor Mod Tutorial

I read through the first part of this, then thumbed through the rest. Other than explaining in detail how to install a ship and make sure al...


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Tutorials Map editor FAQ's

Following several questions recently Gavin has helpfully compiled the questions and the correct answers and sent them in for the tutorials s...


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Tutorials KA2 Manual

Well... For those of you that have seen James' posts on the forums, you know he likes to write (a lot). This manual is no exception to that,...


Tutorials Lightmapped 3D Borg Texture Tutorial

CanadianBorg came up with a new tutorial using his method for lightmapping, Borg texturing and so forth. I've used the FahreS met...


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