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Tools and Utilities INH's Lightmap Tutorial for GIMP (1.0)

This is a tutorial for those of you with the image edition software GIMP. Its a nice graphics editor, and it's free. You may notice how...


Tools and Utilities Odf Library (1.0)

This is a small .NET library that allows to edit odf's easily.


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Tools and Utilities Generic Mod Enabler

This program is a mod manager, akin to the mod support built into some games.


Tools and Utilities Hitpoint Calculator

The calculator will use these percentages to calculate the other six values based on the Hull HPs. This should make small and big mods take...


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Tools and Utilities Weapon output calculator

This little utility is designed to help balancing mods by calculating the weapon output from the damage, reload and chance to hit values.


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Modeling Tools Storm 3d

This is used to view different objects in Armada II


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Modeling Tools Milk Shape 3d

This is a fairly easy way to create new ships and stations


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Modeling Tools 3DS Max Exporter

this converts the files you create into sod format for the game


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Modeling Tools Milkshape 3d

This is version 1.6.2 of Milkshape 3d, one of the best 3d Modeling programs out there. If you're going to Model, download this.


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Modeling Tools Milkshape SOD importer/exporter

this allows you to import only stock armada and armada 2 SODs and allows you to export with hps (read readme)


Modeling Tools Federation Shipscale

This is an intresting ship scale that covers the most popular ships in A2 in a grid format for generale scaleSOD ideas. In later editions, a...


Modeling Tools Federation Shipscale

This is a printer friendly graph that shows the scale and approxmate sizes of several ships. Version 2.0 boasts three sheets of ships, and c...


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Mapping Tools Star Wars Map Editor Addon

Simply unzip these files into the odf/other folder, and you can place the ships and stations from Star Wars: Fleet Command on your map :)....


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Mapping Tools Map launcher v2.0

This PRG Let you open Armada BZN Files with the Mapeditor via double klick. It now opens Armada 1 and Armada 2 Files. (you haveto ins...


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Mapping Tools Armada 2 Map Editor Files

For those of you who may have gotten the Star Trek Action Pack game pack thingy might have noticed that it doesn't include the A2 map edito...


Mapping Tools Armada I + II Map Editor Launcher

Here is the author's description: This program lets you open Armada .BZN Files with the Mapeditor via double klick. It now open...


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Mapping Tools Dominion Map Editor Addon

This adds all the Dominion and Breen ships/stations (now including the wormhole station) to the map editor.


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Mapping Tools STA Map Editor

hear is a map manager an editer for armada2 kind of like fleetoperatiosn has ther but this is for Armada2 it ses it works with Armada1 too...


Mapping Tools Armada II Map Editor Manager

This is a VERY usefull tool for map makers! This till will load the maps from your bzn directory, and then load a list, so you can just sele...


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Mapping Tools A2 Map editor launcher

This is a new map editor launcher from DMKP that simplifies selecting an existing map using the map editor. You also have the option of cre...


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Texture Tools Wirer Frame Maker

this is an addon for photoshop allowing u to make wire frames for your mod


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Texture Tools Image Converter

A handy little program that converts .TGA files to .BMP files without the use of any expensive program. - SSA


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ODF Editors ODF Packer

This removes un-needed things found in the odf files


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ODF Editors ODF Editor

This is a nice little program by our very own Spectre that allows you to edit .odf files easily! Installation: Just extract the 3 files i...


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