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The knights of old would often pair up and fight one another on long stretches in the presence of the noblemen of the realm. Jousting with large lances, they would do their best to pierce the enemy’s defences and cause havoc, forcing them to retire. That's exactly my thought on this map. Jousting. Two players, pit against each other at one end of a thin map, must fight each other to get to the end where the base will be. Maps like this can be incredibly interesting, one way or another, but take a closer look and you'll realise this is really quite something special.

There are plenty of resources to get you going on start. You may even lose concentration with the enemy with what you have. The middle, a void bar some nebula in the middle, is open for fighting...and strategic defence. You see, the only way you're going to sneak up on the enemy is by changing where you are vertically. Straight-on, it's a fight of strength and numbers. Playing it my self, I would have to suggest layers of defences at different levels in a hope to catch the enemy in a trap and force them to breach your defences. There is no way of doing any special manoeuvres. Keep your important bases at rear and the turrets up front. This is simply about numbers and strength. The knights of old jousted, now you can too.




	2long is a new 2 player map.  To install, extract "2long.bmp", "2long.bzn" and "2long.txt" into the "bzn" subfolder inside the "Star Trek Aramada II" folder.

	I release this map under the understanding that I am not liable for any issues it may cause.  Essentially, you take your fate into your own hands, you have been warned.  To ease your mind however, the map works fine for me.  Also, if you use the map and/or it components in any form in a future release, this file or the contents within must be included.

	If you find an issue, please let me know.  Heck, if you know how to fix the issues you find, include that.  I used the map editor that came with the original Star Trek Armada II release.

	You can reach me via the forums at Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations (http://www.fleetops.net/).  My username is Ntanel.

Tip:  This map has a long battlefield meant for a one on one grudge match!

Thank you and ciao!
- Ntanel StormBlade
- July 23, 2007

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