23rd Century Federation Phaser

Here we have a small weapons mod from Muxa. This is a new version of a TMP phaser, rather a pulse phaser. This is an alright mod, it...


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Here we have a small weapons mod from Muxa. This is a new version of a TMP phaser, rather a pulse phaser. This is an alright mod, it has it's own sound file but no textures so don't expect it to be any different that the stock phasers. However like I said above it does have it's own sound which is pretty close to the The Wrath of Khan phaser sound effects so it's a good mod in that respect. Download if you wish! ;)


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Download '23rdcfedphaser.zip' (707KB)

23rd Century Federation Phaser


-Content and Tips
-Installation instructions
-Legal Stuff


Yah I know, there is already an TMP phaser out there, but to be honest, and not meant as an insult though:
it did not satisfy me in the least, not even the updates not long ago. So I made my own.
As the phaser shown in ST:II The Wrath of Khan, seemed more like a pulse-PHASER to me, it's what I made out of it!
I think it to be accurate,being more reddish and moving more like in the movie, besides I got the proper sound to it!
See for yourself!

Content and Tips:

-ODFs for my Phaser
-Sound for my Phaser
-The sound sequence I took the sound from
-Sound for an TOS phaser (not in this mod though)

As I already said, in here are the ODFs and the original sound from ST:II that all have been waiting for,
and furthermore a little goodie! I also put the sound for an TOS phaser in this mod, like the one FahreS did
for his Connie (I have it myself and I would recommend it to anybody ^^).
About ths sound sequence: who's got a sound cutting program and does indeed think he hears that odd sound
at the end in gameplay, may cut it himself. But that shouldn't be noticable as it's firing very fast,
or I must be completely deaf!

Installation instructions:

1. simply copy the ODFs into Star Trek Armada II/odf/weapons/pulse (even if I called it "-phas", if you don't like it change it! ^^)

2. put the sounds into Star Trek Armada II/sounds/effects

3. look for the ODF of the ship you would like to fire the phaser and put "conrphas" behind an 'weaponXX =' -line

That's it, as far as I know I only used stock textures (rdphaser), so no weapon.spr - editing or stuff like that!

Legal and Vain Stuff ... er the Credits I mean

Actually I don't think I made something special here,
so I'm not fussy if anyone want's to use it in his mod. It was my idea to do it this way,
but someone else might have had it too, so if you want to give me credits you may but please don't ask me for 
permission, that'd be pointless. I really can't imagine what could be done wrong when installing this,
so I don't take any responsibility for any damage that is done to your computer.


Questions to: [email protected]
ICQ: 409-998-404

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