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The map has class-V planets made by twitch, one of Cmndr_Parker's borg planets,a standard moon, and three latinum nebulas at the starting positions. Three of Mickle (not spelled right) Rabb's minable asteroids (in same pack as minable debris) near the center. The center contains a class-M planet and stations from the feds, roms, klings, borg, and cards, as well as two infinate moons (note: you are not able to build any federation construction ships, unless you play as them, from the HQ in the center. Sorry.)Latinum nebulas encircle the center. There are also four infinate moons as well as four class 4 minable asteroids (made by Rabb) bording the asteroids and latinum nebulas at the center.

looks like another nice map!



Developer: Captain_H
Email: [email protected]
File Info: Next map, 3 players

Thanks for downloading my newest armada II map, I had always wanted to make my own maps so this is next in what I hope will be a long line of them.

Besure to read the discription for more information. But, to install, just unzip and put into the bzn folder.

Please send any comments to the email address above.

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