4 Green A2



This is a re-creation of the original 4 green map from Armada I.

Overall, it looks balanced. There is no spot on the map that offers any particular advantage however resources do look quite sparse. In fact, this might be one map where you end up trading Metal for Dilithium rather than the reverse!




4green is a remake of the original Star Trek Armada Green Glow four player map.  To install, extract "4green.bmp", "4green.bzn" and "4green.txt" into the "bzn" subfolder inside the "Star Trek Aramada II" folder.

This is my first map and I release it under the understanding that I am not liable for any issues it may cause.  Essentially, you take your fate into your own hands, you have been warned.  To ease your mind however, the map works fine for me.  Also, if you use the "4green.bzn" map and/or it components in any form in a future release, this file or the contents within must be included.

If you find an issue, please let me know.  Heck, if you know how to fix the issues you find, include that.  I used the map editor that came with the original Star Trek Armada II release.

You can reach me via the forums at Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations (http://www.fleetops.net/).  My username is Ntanel.

Tip:  Watch out for the nebulas, they can be fatal!

Thank you and ciao!
- Ntanel StormBlade

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