6 Planet Pack

All planets are nicely done each have an Astmosphere and 1 moon


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All planets are nicely done each have an Astmosphere and 1 moon

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Download 'planetz.zip' (2.96MB)


All the 6 original planets have been re-textured and 6 new planets have been added that work in Mapedit and the game.  Now you can have real variety on a map with many planets.

They go in like this:
ep_stand.odf goes in odf/other folder
All the rest of the .odf files go in the odf/stations folder
All the .sod go in the sod folder
All the .tga files go in the textures/rgb folder

Back up your original planet files to be safe.

Class D has been reworked to give it many added details from its original dull gray 
Class H has a few features and colors added to the desert terrain like sparse water and a little vegetation.
The Class J planet is a gas planet with a new red texture
Class K is still an ice planet but with more water and just a bit of color detail
Class L has some surface detail and has a reddish atmosphere
Class M is really a pretty planet now instead of the blue blob.  It's full of surface detail and variegated land and water colors
Class P is similar to class M planets giving you an alternate on maps using many class M planets. 9,000 metal
Class B is a blue green planet like the class M but with less surface detail due to its thicker atmosphere.  12,000 metal
Class Q is another gas giant 18,000 metal
Class E is a class M style world with a little surface detail seen through its thick atmosphere. 9,000 metal
Class V is a volcanic planet but can sustain small populations and is rich in metal at 24,000.
MOON is not habitable but its colored ores can be seen on its surface.  24,000 metal.

Class D has PB_CLSSD.odf, PB_CLSSD1.tga & PB_CLSSD2.tga
Class H has PB_CLSSH.odf, PB_CLSSH1.tga & PB_CLSSH2.tga
Class J has PB_CLSSJ.odf, PB_CLSSJ.tga
Class K has PB_CLSSK.odf, PB_CLSSK1.tga & PB_CLSSK2.tga
Class L has PB_CLSSL.odf, PB_CLSSL1.tga & PB_CLSSL2.tga
Class M has PB_CLSSM.odf, PB_CLSSM1.tga & PB_CLSSM2.tga
Class P has PB_CLSSP.odf, PB_CLSSP.sod, Mbaku1.tga & Mbaku2.tga
Class B has PB_CLSSB.odf, PB_CLSSB.sod, MEridon1.tga & MEridon2.tga
Class Q has PB_CLSSQ.odf, PB_CLSSQ.sod & MBarisa.tga
Class E has PB_CLSSE.odf, PB_CLSSE.sod, MLankal1.tga & MLankal2.tga
Class V has PB_CLSSV.odf, PB_CLSSV.sod, MKrios1.tga & MKrios2.tga
Moon has PB_MOON.odf, PB_MOON.sod, Mastez1.tga & Mastez2.tga

Use these any way you want and change them as much as you want.  I don't care about credit on any of it.  Just enjoy!
Twitch- [email protected]

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