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This seems to be much the same as the recent Cardassian MOD by ArcherScott, just this would be for Species 8472 instead of the Cardassians (...


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This seems to be much the same as the recent Cardassian MOD by ArcherScott, just this would be for Species 8472 instead of the Cardassians (obviously). Same kinda stuff, changing ships and such.

As with the Cardassian MOD, download if you like Species 8472 in Stock..

- Ash

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Download '8472_addons.zip' (171KB)


As time has passed, Species 8472 decided it was time for a re-think of their current armada.

Modifications to the collector's cost became the first for a re-assessment.

First they utilised the Cardassian's torpedo turret technology and created a Bombardment Turret.
Its sole purpose is to orbit a planet and wipe out any existing colony. This turret is heavily fortified but its sole purpose 
is to wipe the planet clean of life and stay to shoot down any colony ships that try to re-colonize.

As 8472 do not colonise planets this can also be placed on all planets, it will orbit and fire on all enemy targets that
come into sensor range.

The next vessel to get the upgrade was the Behemoth, replacing Nebula Generation with Ion Storm Max, based on a twister it
spins round very fast and destroys everything in its large radius. 

To install:

Locate Overwrite odf folder and place them in odf/ships (to overwrite existing files)

Place the special weapon into odf/special_weapons.

Now locate techtree folder and open tech1.tt, after the last 8472 ship enter:

After the last 8472 station add:

8472_bomb.odf		     1 8472_AdvancedResearch.odf			// species 8472 bombardment turret

After the last 8472 special weapons add:

gionstm2.odf		    0					  // ion storm max (behemoth)
							(Align as needed)

Save and close, noe find fulltech.tt, open and enter after the last 8472 ship entry:

8472_bomb.odf  0

Then add after the last 8472 special weapon:

gionstm2.odf 0

Save and close.

Next locate Sprite folder; and open gui_global, after last 8472 entry add:

b_8472_bomb			gbcturret2			0	0	64	64

Then after the last special weapon add: (Normal special weapons! DO NOT place after 8472 special weapons!)

b_gionstm2			gbionstm00		0	0	64	64

Scroll down and place these wireframes after the last 8472 entry:

8472_bombw1			cardwireframe05	0	192	48	48		
8472_bombw2			cardwireframe05	48	192	48	48		
8472_bombw3			cardwireframe05	96	192	48	48		
8472_bombw4			cardwireframe05	144	192	48	48		
8472_bombw5			cardwireframe05	192	192	48	48

There, all done! Now the weak WILL perish!

Will there be war or will Species 8472 rule supreme? You decide!


ArcherScott - all odf changes.

Activision - stock 8472 items and original special weapons.

I have simply tweaked what was already there to give Species 8472 a hand in ruling the galaxy!

**ATTENTION (mostly to newbies/freshmen/people who don't think)**

Although the stock models are not mine, please refrain from using any names/weapons I make up in your own mods/ideas without
asking first. Thank you.

Plus if you wish to make an add-on please ask me first. Manners are important!


(e-mail for contact/questions jake.deanAThotmail.com (replace AT with @ to send.)

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