A Bridge Over Troubled Water

A new update to tanners great map!! go now, download it!! :D


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A new update to tanners great map!! go now, download it!! :D

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/////////// A Bridge Over Troubled Water2\\\\\\\	

Another map by Derek Tanner

Copyright: No one shall in any way, shape or fashion. Alter, reprodcue, or this map 
without express permission from me. You download this map at your own risk I take no 
responsiblity for anything that happens. 

Once you have my permission you can include this in a mod as long as you include 
me in the credits.

Okay now that all the legal stuff is over with, I would like to say that if you do 
ask for my permission to use this map there is a good chance I will let you.

This is the second version of my third map. This map is litteraly a bridge over troubled water. 
The only way across is by going through the Fluidic rifts at each end. Don't try to cross 
the middle. The only ship that can cross the map without being destroyed is the Sovereign Class,
and even then it is so heavily damage when it crosses a scout ship could destroy it. 
Also included in this map is a secret area in which I was going to put a new type planet 
but I couldn't contact the creator in time to get his permission. The secret area is not 
that secret, a scout can pick up the wormhole that gets you in. The wormholes are unstable so 
after they open they will colapse making it impossibe to send any ship in, or to retrieve the 
ship you sent in. If I were you I would send in a costruction ship. Other than that, this map 
is rather normal. In this version as I have mentioned I have changed the transwarp gates to 
fluidic rifts, and added black holes to collect those pesky deralects that attract the Ferengi
who kill themselfs trying to get through the middle of the map. Also I have changed it so that 
you don't have to go into the secret area to get the inf. moon. As well I added a mystery 
nebula to the center, try to guess what it is. well that is all I hope to come out with one more 
version of this map and anny suggestions would be nice, (you will be included in the readme.)    

Map made by Derek Tanner

The title of this map comes from the title of a book or movie "A Bridge Over Troubled Water"
I am not sure which.

Idea for secret area comes from Legs Wide Open and Wadda, who gave it to me indirectly 
from their map "CTF_Bajor."(Copyright Legs Wide Open)

Lastly, just as a final note I hope you enjoy this map I have tested it many times and
I can assure yout that combat in this map will be nowhere near as prolonged in this map as my
first two.

God speed, and happy gaming

Derek Tanner  

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