A2 Map Backgrounds

This lets you use the map backgrounds from Armada I in a Armada II map.


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This lets you use the map backgrounds from Armada I in a Armada II map.

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Map Backgrounds List 1/4/04
by Twitch- simdoktor@aol.com

All of the map backgrounds from A1 work in A2. Some need a different verbiage when making 
a map.  When you use red you simply put mbgred in the control box during map creation. 
Others require the .sod suffix to work like rom1.sod. There is no list in the map editor so
you have to look at all the mbg files to see what you have.  I included the A1 sods that seem
to be missing in A2. This list should end the hunting.

Any file in TEXTURES/RGB beginning with mbg is suitable as a map background.  This goes for 
A1 or A2.  All sods begin with mbg too.

Almost any image background will work in 2D but when switching to 3D the tga files produce a 
spherical box.  This is why there are several tga files for one background.  They must be
made to form a continuous pattern over all 6 images and this is a bit hard to do. If they do
not match up you will see the box lines where they assemble in 3D.

Here are all the possible map backgrounds:

mbg02.sod -a blue map 
mbgbaku.sod -redish orange
mbgblack.sod -solid black -no stars
mbgcard.sod -cardassian gold
mbgikol.sod -brigher oranges
mbgblue.sod -blue
mbgborg.sod -green Borg 
mbgdom1.sod -purples and reds
mbgdom2.sod -purples and reds
mbgkling.sod -orange red Klingon
mbgklin1.sod -orange red Klingon
mbgklin2.sod -orange red Klingon
mbgklin3.sod -orange red Klingon
mbgklin4.sod -orange red Klingon
mbgrom1.sod -green Rom
mbgrom2.sod -green Rom
mbgrom3.sod -green Rom
mbgstars.sod -stars and nebula seen in 3D

mbgaqu -aqua blue
mbgdk -dark with some aqua
mbgflu -green Species
mbgkl -dark with some orangish
mbgpur -purple
mbgred -red
mbggrg -green

I enhanced some of the included backgrounds for more intense color as some are rather pale.
I made a few new ones too.  Just drop the .tga files for each in the TEXTURES/RGB folder:


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