A2 Upgrade Background changing utility



Okay, Freyr wanted an unbias file review so here it is. This is a new utility from the man himself which can change the single and multiplayer menu backgrounds ingame. There are a total of thirty four new backgrounds which are as follows:

The Armada 2 original concept art, including the Case Cover A Stargate picture (I do believe) Some really cool general star trek concept art from Mike van Nimwegen (click here to visit his page) and alot of Dogs of War screenshots from K7A (including a very recent PotD)

The utility itself comprises of several GUI buttons;

A copy button which selects the image to use as themenu bacakground. perhaps it should be called select rather than copy? Revert to Original which will load up the original Armada 2 Menu Background. Random Background which is self-explanatory and a "Manual overide" which allows you to increment or decrement the background numbers to select one manually.

A very sleak and brilliantly executed Utility. Great work!


Oh, and this is the Upgrade Project's third birthday present. :D Enjoy.


Armada II Upgrade project, Background switching utility release notes.

Thanks for downloading this program, I hope you enjoy being able to switch to some more enjoyable backgrounds than the grey sheet that we have all been staring at for the past three years.

Special thanks go to K7 and Mike van Nimwegen, who have allowed me to use their artwork as additional backgrounds.

If you are interested in seeing more of Mike's great work you can visit his gallery at Scifi-meshes at the following address :-


I am sure everybody knows about K7's Dogs of War modification.  :)


1.	Installation
2.	System Requirements
3.	Online Multiplayer
4.	Known Issues
5	Modding this program
6.	Disclaimer
7.	Contact
8.	Distrubtion/download mirrors

1 - Installation

Run the installation program and keep hitting next.

2 - System Requirements

a 32 bit operating system. Seriously, if your computer can run A2 then this will work.

3 - Online Multiplayer

As always, This won't affect your compatibility with Version 1.1

4 - Known Issues

None.  There was one issue, which was pressing the copy button & then hitting exit very very quickly could cause the program to exit before the file has been copied on archaic computers. This has been fixed with the addition of an ok window and a one second delay, so you can't hit exit before the copy action has completed.  Personally, I think this was a fault of the computer concerned rather than the program but I have fixed it anyway.

5 - Modding this program

I wrote this program to be easily extended with additional backgrounds.  For additional information on this point, read the random.ini file.  

I have added in the PSD file that I used as the overlay for the images, you will see what its for if you use an image without it. You need a program capable of opening Abode PhotoShop files to use it, again instructions are inside. 

I have saved it as a .PSD file as I beleive that .PSD is a fairly universal file format for editing programs capable of handling layers.  If you need a copy in another format please contact us.

6 - Disclaimer

The A2 Upgrade project team CANNOT be held responsible for any damage to your system. If you download and install this program, you do so at your own risk. This program is NOT supported by either Activision (the publishers of Armada 2) or Paramount Pictures (the owner of the Star Trek brand name) in any way, shape or form.

No copyright infringement is intended to any of the above companies shown and no profit is made from this mod.

7 - Contact

Our website is located at www.a2upgrades.net

If you need to contact us please contact Freyr, the project leader at "[email protected]"

8 - Distrubtion/hosting 
This material can be reused in whole or part in Armada 2 Modifications on the condition that we are credited in your readme. If you wish to convert these graphics to another game then please contact us. (we haven't ever turned anybody down, we just want to keep track of what they are being used for)

Distrubution without the prior permission is forbidden.   This may not be used outside of the Armada II community without prior permission.  All other rights reserved.

If you decide to use our material in an Armada II mod then we would appreciate a quick email to Freyr ([email protected]) letting us know that your using it.

If you wish to edit program files to suit your Armada II mod then you may do so, in return we ask that you consider sharing your alterations with the Armada II community under the same conditions we make them available to you under, but you have no obligation to do so.  The images belong to their authors and you need to get permission to edit or use them from the authors.  However, if you just bundling the program then I would say they won't have a problem with it as so long as nothing is altered.

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