A2 Upgrade Project 1.5.1f - Species 8472 Pack



A2 upgrade advances on my friends with the latest addition to the largescale Multiplayer Mod. This addition being the Species 8472's turn to get the upgrade.

Curtis did very well with this mod, for several reasons. Actual canon Species 8472 shots are hard to come by, only Voyager being the real source of 8472 designs. Most of the other 8472 sources are either conceptual or indeed from Armada 2 or Mods of other games, so these upgrades are totally brand new. Initially when I saw the screenshot and the targa's in Adobe I thought this would be the most "inferior" of the A2 upgrades but after playing with them, I WAS PROVEN WRONG.. this is 8472 with a twist - the twist being an armoured-bio fleet which makes the "lined" textures more plausible.

The battleship, Frigate, and cruiser stand out as really quality retextures - With the dark grey/black textures on the Battleship and Frigate you could say both of them got "Venom-ed" :p Both are menacing looking and are the "best" of this mod imho.

The Launcher, destroyer and scout following the same colour schemes as the stock but are vastly improved, as do the non-combat ships and stations. The Mothership is now a blue texture but I honestly think the "bio-amour" texture doesn't suit it or indeed the Behemoth, but that is only my opinion.

It also includes a excellent Splash screen!

In totality, this is well worth the download and is a definate improvement on the bland stock texturing.. for pure creativity and what it brings to the table this is probably one of the best of the A2 upgrade packs. About time we got more 8472 mods around this place ;)

Get's a :thumbsup: from me




A2UPGRADE 1.5.1F - Species 8472 Remastered - Armored Bio-Fleet

Info: All textures remastered by me.New splash by me.

Install: Copy all tga files to textures/rgb directory and make backups if desired.You can also use the new splash if desired.


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